Tales of X-Day Present... by Pastor Pressure

From: "Pastor Pressure" <pressure@moreslack.com>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, Jul 11, 2002 9:30 AM


Rather than give a play by play account of my physical experience I will
instead spout outward my inward experience.

First, let me freely admit that Brushwood and the X-Day experience is
stamped permanently on my subconscious. The people and events of the Drills
are frequent fodder for recurring dreams. People who, in the grand scheme
of things, I've only spent a total of several hours with over several years
are permanently imprinted onto my dreamscape. This is a testament to the
underlying power of the X-Day experience and its effect on this Subgenius's

My first Drill experience was powerful, mostly though from the perspective
of having found a place where I seemed to truly fit in. For someone like me
who is essentially a curmudgeon, outsider, un-hip (at least by the current
popular definition) and almost completely misunderstood by most of my fellow
planetnauts, the experience was intense to the point of being transcendent.
It awoke a sense of creativity and purpose that resulted in an explosive
period of ideas, schemes and implementations. I became more alive and freer
to be be odder.

Since then, many Drills have come and gone. My first will always be my
favorite. This last one though may have been the most important. I
discovered things about myself and may have even shucked off some old,
crappy psycho-flotsam. There's something I've noticed: I've seen some of
the pictures with me in them and the most interesting thing is that it's
really me. What I mean by this is there's no posturing, no sucking in the
gut, no puffing up my chest. I was more relaxed, more at ease and more
myself. I truly found the slack of not giving a rats ass. I discovered the
road to slack is paved with no intentions.

Gone now are the questions of how I would act in a given situation. Having
been presented with numerous opportunities for new experiences I now know
precisely how I will react. I could not have had the wealth of experiences
in the pink world over the course of years, let alone over four days. I had
the very core of my attitudes tested, demolished and reconstructed to
coincide with the data obtained from the new experiences. I know this
sounds kinda phony and new-agey, but I think I've paid a visit to Chapel
Perilous and have been intrinsically altered in a way I really kinda like.

I know, I know, this post is dangerously serious and introspective...
especially around my fellow SubG's. I sat and thought about my X-Day report
and the only thing that kept coming to mind was how fucking altered I felt
this time around. Interesting too is that I was virtually inebriant free
(this was probably the straightest X-Day I've ever spent). I suspect though
that the effect will wear off in the next few weeks. If we could find a way
to do this consistently, we'd have a cult that would have to be reckoned

We now return you to your original programming.


Professor Pressure


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subgenius.com>

This is really well written and thought out, so there will probably be
no follow-ups. That's my prediction.



From: bobdiddley@aol.com (Bobdiddley)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, Jul 11, 2002 7:24 PM

>the only thing that kept coming to mind was how fucking altered I felt
>this time around. Interesting too is that I was virtually inebriant free
>(this was probably the straightest X-Day I've ever spent).

Amen, fellow Sub! Spout the unaltered gobspell! I agree, especially with this
part. Though I look upon this as a 'dry run', and have high hopes for how I
might tilt things towards making 'curmudgeon's corner' into a
hiphoppinhappening by next year.

1) Use the lure of gypsy fireboys to convince the PriMate that she too could
enjoy such a gathering. While I'm lurking and learning to rant at the feet of
instantaneously ascended masters and mistresses, she can watch the ultimate 3-d
porno movie - I just don't see a down side.
2) Participate in more different events. The "Bob"tism was much more fun than
I'd thought possible. The churning of the waters, the turning backwards of the
clock, the wrestling match between Legume and Jesus - and the winner? Everyone
who was there.
3) Get outta my shell, and get out and meet more people - in no case, did I
regret having started or dropped into a conversation - there are more
interesting people than I could have imagined.

Names for next year were bandied about- Double-Triple X sounded good, until
someone mentioned SexDay - It has to happen - because the Xists won't come
before Connie does. So get busy, Bobbies! There's much to be done. When she
gives "Bob" the old thumbs up, tonight's the night, and Xstacy is on its way.
Or rupture trying...

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