The Lord's XDV Report!

Newsgroups: alt.slack
Reply-To: "The Lord" <>
Date: Sat, Jul 13, 2002 5:54 PM

Greeting and Slack!

What a slackful X-Day this year. We had 175 attendees, which means that
for the first time since '98 we did better than break-even. We've already
begun plotting and scheming of ways to make X-day VI bigger and better.

I want to thank all the staff and slack barter volunteers for making it

Stang, Magdalen, Nickie, Lilith

Jacques Treatment: who actually walked with Lord and successfully stayed by
my side and kept my mind on track on Sat.

Gov. Rocknar, Thea, Rev. Cynic, and all slack barter folks.

To all the people who built camps and really made X-Day great. Some

Phloighd: Killer. People rally seemed to love it, although I was a bit
nervous having people running around shooting each other all the time.
Quijibo, Bachelors for "Bob", Ed and Kathy Strange's place, Commander Chas's
Bonobo-a-go-go, Televangela's live TV. Dr. Dark Drive-in (rocked this
year), DJ Shaver (Or-Kill-Me- Radio, Wedding, drive in, Ikon Burning and
more. Shaver really was a huge help, and inspiration this year). The
Psychedelic Chill Tent (The one with the groovy 80's music and computer, a
great chill spot. Also, they provided awesome homemade ice cream and nice
smooth dark skin. ) The Frops' (always generous to the fropless children),
2nd annual Pancake breakfast. Asquire and The Kentucky Boys. Space Golf
Open 2002. Saint-N, Hellena Handbasket, ESO. I probably missed a bunch so
my apologies.

Oh the winners this year were:
#3 Frops
#2 Bonobo-a-go-go
#1 Bachelors for "Bob"

Here's one thing we are adding next year: more Cash theme prizes (first,
second and 4 runner ups!) Also, more and better organized slack barter.

I'd like to mention some people who really added to just the general
weirdness by being themselves

S.Exmortus (or Sexmortious in Jesus-speak) , Lord Sloth (First Ikon
Tattoo!!!!) Slippy and Astro Babe, Zorro, Susie the Floozy, Legume (think
you can drown me mother fucker, I am the LORD), Rev. Alex. Mein Cock!
Nickie's Boys (Bob Slack and Rick, thanks for helping out so much), The
Geddyns, Sister Squash, Carter LeBlanc and Bliss America, Doc And Ms.
Pissoff, Rabbi, SubGuinness Girl, DR. Volkerdink (Ahhhhh Vapors) and Honey
Pie (Ahhhhh Honey Pie), Pastor Craig (for not injuring himself too bad this
year), ZosoDada, Steve Cheeky, Princess Wei. Well, hell I can't mention
everyone. Thanks to all!

((EDITOR's NOTE: The picture below shows The Lord, Dr. Legume, and, far left, the actual man known to children as "Santa Claus", at the Bobtism at XDV-Brushwood. Jesus was about to baptize Mr. Claus when He suddenly remembered that this was "...the bastard that made all the kids worship HIM, on My BIRTHDAY!!" Legume restrained our Savior before He was able to "lay hands" on Santa. Pic by Dok Frop.

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