X-Day Dreams?

From: Her Ladyship Lilith von Fraumench <lilith@ZubJenius.com>
Date: Thu, Jul 11, 2002 11:55 AM

Pastor Pressure mentioned that he often dreams about Brushwood and the
people he meets there at X-Day. I do, too. Who else wants to own up?

My favorite was where Brushwood was suddenly located in a redwood
forest with concrete structures for all the familiar buildings, and an
underground hot spring that fed a sauna. The last thing I remember
doing in that dream was--get this--explaining fetishes to Sister
Decadence. So you KNOW it had to be a FUCKED UP dream.

Second favorite goes to the dream where I bicycled to X-Day via a much
smaller University of North Texas campus, and the whole area from
alt.slack.woods to the bridge had turned into a lake, with docks.

Her Ladyship Lilith

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From: Legume <none@yerbiz.com>

I dream of the day that the only ones who show up are Me, ESO, and 1000
beautiful Swedish massage therapists and contortionists. Big lobsters
with lemon butter blood crawl from the swamp every night to jump onto the
grill. It is a constant 73 degrees Fahrenheit. The trees are all filled
with Mangoes, plums, peaches, cherries. There are no ants, no mosquitoes,
no flying bugs or raccoons. The Hot Tub is big enough for everyone. Every
night we drink from the river of Margaritas, play music, fuck. Lonesome
Cowboy Dave's amplifier never breaks. There's a grove where it always
rains, and the rain is always pleasantly warm. There are grren fields
where the frop grows in chocolate pipes that never melt when smoked. The
entire compound is encased by a dome, floating in space. The sun and moon
follow us, rotating around us as we float through the universe. The nights
are filled with a spectacular view of spacescapes unseen by human eyes.
Nobody gets old, nobody ever gets sick or dies. Nobody ever has to work,
nobody ever fights.

The rest of you live in caves beneath the surface, and shovel our turds.
Which isn't such a bad deal, because our turds are chunks of opiated black
Afghani hash.
"Civilization will not attain to its perfection until the last stone from
the last church falls on the last priest" - - - Emile Zola


From: "Pastor Pressure" <pressure@moreslack.com>

Actually, one of my favorite dreams was the one where I was walking down the
road, right near Giligan's Island and Dkr.Codini was loosing huge sheets of
blotter from his pockets. Subgenius's were literally tackling each other
and piling up trying to get as much of it as they could. I'm laughing my
ass off in the dream because as soon a sheet would fall out, more would
follow and Codini simply walked ahead without a care in the world and this
writhing pile of Subgenius followed him down the path.


Professor Pressure


From: "Asquire" <asquire1313@hotmail.com>

as sick as it may sound, i have had dreams ever since I got back about
masturbating with the people I met



From: Phloighd <phloighd@hotmail.com>

In my dreams all the people I've met keep talking to me over and over
about esoterica and won't let me sleep.


From: "Alliekatt" <alleykatzen@hotmail.com>

That's what you get for spending the last night at Brushwood drunk with my
emergentile husband as he spews his kooky brain vomit on you and Pisces.

heh heh

I was sleepin'.



From: Priestess Pisces <priestesspisces@hawtmaile.com>

Sister Decadence <decadence@subgenius.com> wrote in

>>as sick as it may sound, i have had dreams ever since I got back about
>>masturbating with the people I met
> That sounds more like my dreams! Hey! What are you doing in MY
> subconscious?!?!


sex toy sale will soar in the next few months boosted by the increase of
wank energy implanted in your braines!!

FUCK CONNIE (again, again and again....)


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