XD5 back of my eyelids report -- Rev. Prostata Cantata

From: prostata@bronze.coil.com (The Stinking Bishop Prostata Cantata MP)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 8, 2002 1:42 PM

Well, I'm kind of an antisocial nerdboy, so I didn't go quite as
hogwild nuts as the rest of you all at brushwood this year, but I sure as
hell enjoyed myself again. My slack this year was mostly in sitting
around looking at stuff in space (seperate report on that if I find the
time) and SLEEPING. great indeed was the sleeping even though sometimes I
didn't seem to get quite enough of it.

I was like a sponge, absorbing the slack around me while firmly
anchored in one place. Soaking up the slack and replenishing my drained
slack stores. I think I now have enough to last at least a few more

Some highlights (that I remember) from when I bothered to come out
of my campsite...

the UBERcomfortable frop zone. SHADE and FIRE!

The uberswank quijiboys and their giant sofa!

the *official* wedding of Lilith and Thea.

The pagans chanting "Bob Bob Bob". Never thought I'de see the day.

Technicolor fire. Always good.

Launching STUFF into the stratosphere.

and, ahhhh yes, the glorious yeti women. Everywhere I looked. Some with
fantastic and fabulous attire and some as naked as the day is long. *sigh*

You all were fantastic to hang out with again this year. The list of
names on my "praise list" is LONG and includes many whom I have known for
a while now and also a BUNCH of new names and faces (most of which I'm
having a really really hard time remembering). In fact, i'm not gonna post
any names at all because it's just too damned long, but goddam, you *ALL*
made this geekboy feel really "at home" again.

I'm damned glad to know you. Thanks for all the frop and good cheer.

Maybe next year I won't be so damned tired and grumpy and I'll
come out of my campsite and party with you all more, apparently I missed a
lot of zany stuff.


I have burped, farted, and sneezed at the same time, and I am still
alive. --Dan Povenmire, Los Angeles


From: bobdiddley@aol.com (Bobdiddley)

Prostata Contata rote:

> Maybe next year I won't be so damned tired and grumpy and I'll
>come out of my campsite and party with you all more, apparently I missed a
>lot of zany stuff.

Damn! This was going to be the introduction to my book, "X-Day for Dumbasses -
How to Cheat Yourself Out of the Slack You Paid For". I thought I was the only
one. Among the many things I missed, was a chance to find out which one is you.
Similar excuse; I arrived too tired (two nights of non-sleep because it was too
friggin' muggy all night long in Quebec), ill-prepared (one hour of packing,
then driving away without a sleeping bag or the bulldada items I'd intended to
bring - and not nearly enough bribe). Then I followed the maxim of "when it
gets really interesting, walk away and try in vain to nap in the cramped back
of a Toyota".

XDV stands as the most brain-stretching blob of stoptime I've witnessed in
ages. As Stang said, "Praise Brushwood!"

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