Connieite Spa at XDV

From: "Rev. Magdalen" <>

Date: Tue, Jan 22, 2002

I, like most women, have always wanted to go to a spa. Not just the kind in
a strip mall, the kind that's way out in nature, where you stay for several
days and enjoy massages, hot tubbing, sauna, various wraps, scrubs and
facials, yoga and tai chi, etc. But who can afford the outrageous prices?
It's several hundred dollars a day to go to one of those places!

But then I thought, hey, Brushwood is out in nature, and it has a hot tub!
So this year my Theme Camp will be the Connieite Spa. Closer to X-Day I'll
take donations so we can buy some scrubs and muds and things, and we'll need
someone to construct a tarp enclosure in which to pour water over heated
stones to create a sauna. I'll check to see if Anomie, the Pagan Queen
myofascial massage therapist will be there again this year (she charges for
massages but the price is very reasonable). So that just leaves Spa

We'll need SEVERAL PEOPLE to take on the thankless job of rubbing naked
Connieites with various oils and scrubs for days on end. A sign-up sheet
will be at Registrataion but volunteers can also just show up at the Spa and
get to work.

Everyone is welcome to bring things that will make the Spa better, like any
massage implements you might have around the house, your favorite scrub or
mud, towels, sheets, some kind of thing to play soothing music on,
delicacies to eat, etc.

This will be the best, cheapest Spa EVER!! HOORAY!!

From: "Alliekatt" <>

Great idea! Jolly good! Brilliant! Here's my 2ppence on your idear.

I had an idea for an XD5 sweat lodge, but currently I have not been given
any more ideas of the idea, and a sweat lodge/sauna is a lot of hard and
thankless Slackless work. HOWEVER, it is pretty darn easy to put together
some of those camp easy chairs in a very large tent. My husband and I
bought a tent this year, so huge that it could be called a prairie schooner
(we thought it was one size smaller) and this thing ended up 22 feet long
and 11 feet wide. We can easily fit a good number of chairs in the center,
or a car, and there are TWO rooms on either side that can easily fit a
massage table. My husband and I would use an air mattress in only one side
room of the thing anyhow. If you think it would work, let me know.

What is cool about that is, although the logistics for a sauna is difficult,
(fire and all that, sauna stones need a really complex setup like a lava
rock BBQ but bigger, and playing with fire constantly for 4 days can get
tiresome), putting a spa tent out on the meadow near to the pool house would
not be. About 80 feet out from the poolhouse straight across the meadow
toward gruplehenge would be good. If the sun is not an issue. Spas are
best in the morning anyhow, with no ESO blasting out the sparkly fairy
vibrations and happy fingers. Hm, probably not much business though. Early
evening, maybe, before the ranting gets heated.

The best spa/massage environment is comfy (75 degrees or less), has soothing
music, soothing visuals (like a couple of those pretty tie-dye tapestries)
and an aromatherapy diffuser (ie good incense will do just fine like a
Tibetan medicinal blend or sandalwood, light and woody but not perfumy.) A
small generator that would run a fan for spa patrons, or if it's possible a
battery powered fan would be very good, especially if it gets warm. Typical
shoes-off protocol would be in effect just to keep things clean. If people
want to bring goodies to eat and towels to donate, that would make it all
the better. I have a friend who runs a myofacial and massage spa out of her
home, and she makes it fantastic with just a few basic things like these.

What's great is, someone can get a mud mask, scrub, or/and massage at the
Connieite pavilion and then trot over to the hot tub. How cool is that.
Complete service, and even though there's not a steam room or sauna, you
really don't need one anyhow when the massage and hot tub bases are covered.
And, whoever works the Connieite pavilion giving masks etcetera, would still
be able to SLACK OFF and PARTY while she worked!!! There would only be mud
daubing, towel heating, and incense lighting, and that's hard enough work
for a vacation.

There should be plenty of fresh water reserves for washing, (being near a
potable spigot would be good, or having a big reserve of 5-gallon water
jugs), a bucket of chilled bottled water, and plenty of fresh towels, or
people bring their own which would keep us from having to go launder them in
Sherman. There would be one mud mask/hot towel person (facial towels can be
heated in a big pot of water on a camp stove) who would light the incense
and keep the vibes nice, and someone for massage, with a massage table or
massage chair. Applied masks need a good vegetable scrub, wash, a small hot
towel over the face, (sometimes with a little sage oil in the hot towel
water, to help the pores dilate,) applied for a few minutes to expand the
pores, the mask is applied, and then the mask pulls out deep impurities as
it dries.

I admit most of it would be hanging out and burning incense and socializing,
but what's great is if done right the spa would just fit right in with
slacking off.

What would be awesome too, is to have something like the Troutwaxer pavilion
of yore, outside the spa tent, with inflatable furniture and the like to
welcome visitors who just want to soak in the vibe and get some shade. But
it would be the Connieite pavilion! There could be Tai Chi with Connie, Tea
with Connie, Asanas with Connie, Seminars with Connie, no whacked out bad
vibe drunks messing with the Connieites except for the occasional
holocaustal potato or returning missile. If there is camping together,
however, it would be good to have shade, so camping on a tree line may be
necessary, but staying close to the pool house is good. Any ideas?


From: "Pater Nostril" <>

> someone to construct a tarp enclosure in which to pour water over heated

One of the goofball regulars at Brushwood last summer constructed a
makeshift sweatlodge in the neverending pinkboy
quest for spiritual meaning by ripping off other cultures.

Building a sauna is not too terribly difficult and many of the raw materials
are already on the property.

It could be done again in honor of the Connieites

From: Modemac <>

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002 21:07:00 GMT, "Alliekatt"
<> wrote:
>What would be awesome too, is to have something like the Troutwaxer pavilion
>of yore, outside the spa tent, with inflatable furniture and the like to
>welcome visitors who just want to soak in the vibe and get some shade.

Troutwaxer gave away his inflatable furniture last year (it was
starting to leak anyways), so donations will have to be taken from any
SubGenius who would be willing to donate.

HINT: The week after the Super Bowl, inflatable football chairs will
be on sale at a big discount!

First Online Church of "Bob"

From: (mykal d'archangel)

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002 23:22:23 GMT, "Rabbi Jacklyn Hyde"
<> wrote:

>I dunno, I'd rather have other ways for the SubG guys to make me sweat and

Where do we sign up for that?

st m d'a
Indianapolis Devival - Spring 2002

From: (Modemac)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Wed, Jan 23, 2002


How to build a sweat lodge:

Make some kind of enclosure out of whatever materials you can. We took
along two sets of jointed (A-frame) 2x4s and a large heavy duty tarp
and a popped blow-up mattress & some rope and tied it all together to
seal up the structure as good as possible while maintaining some sort
of flap for a door. The better the structure is sealed, the better the
effect. Have a campfire and heat dry rocks in it that are about a
large one-hand size (i.e. 4"x3" to 5"x8" or so), get the fire and the
rocks hot, cook the rocks for quite a while to make sure they are hot.
The hottest rocks will glow. Using some instrument (2 sticks for us),
carefully move the hot rocks out of the fire and into the structure.
Get inside the structure and seal it up as good as possible. Have a
few buckets of water in the structure. Pour the water in bursts on the
hot rocks; the water will instantly vaporize upon contacting the rocks
and will create very hot steam that will heat up and fog up the
structure so much that you may not be able to see beyond about 2-3
feet inside the structure. The base of our structure was sand which
was good because it absorbed excess water. The rocks will remain hot
after quite a few bursts of water have been poured on them. Remove the
rocks when they are no longer hot enough and bring in a new load of
hot rocks from the fire and repeat until satisfied or just sick of the
whole dumb thing.

From: "Rev. Magdalen" <>

OK, sounds like, you and modemac and some others all have great ideas on how
to make a sweat lodge. Let's have someone step foraward to become Sweat
Lodge Chief and actually become responsible for the physical manifestation
of the thing. I personally can't bring lumber and rocks and things all the
way from Texas! It's hard enough bringing all the swag.

There was one thing I worry about. Don't some rocks explode if they get too
hot and then you pour water on them? Does anybody know how to tell which
rocks are the exploding kind?

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