KILLER at X-day '02

Date: Thu, Jan 31, 2002

I think I've come up with a way to play Killer in the method I desire
this X-day. After running around being the sole target at XXX-day
(2000) I wanted to do something different this year.

(Reference for the clueless: -- basically
it's a run-around-with-water-guns-offing-other-players sort of thing.)

The short version:

This will be a Free-For-All type game in which everybody (even the Refs,
see below) is a target until the game's over. You'll use simple,
non-lethal weapons, including bombs and poisons, to "kill" other players
and score points (one per kill). You'll have to be somewhat sneaky if you
use a gun, because you'll have to wear a disguise to make your kills.
That's risky: the only folks that the Non-Disguised are allowed to shoot at
are players in disguise.

The long version:


All who wish to be KILLERS will sign up on Thursday and Friday, but must
show up for a Roll Call (which is tentatively Saturday 7/6/02 at noon).
There, each player receives a sticker to which their name will be added,
which must be clearly visible to other players. (This is also an
oppportunity to get a good look at who else is playing.) After all Killers
are accounted for, a thirty second countdown will commence, and the game
will begin.


All assassinations NOT involving Bombs or Poisons must be carried
out in Public, in DISGUISE. It must also occur in PUBLIC, with at least
two (2) witnesses (players or non-players)

For the purposes of the game, "disguise" is defined as wearing a mask of
some sort, from the domino-eyesholes type to a bandana around the face to a
full wookie costume. The disguise must be put on where no one can see you
and removed likewise (no ripping it off in full view after a failed
assassination). The disguise cannot conceal that you are a PLAYER!

Note that for the purposes of being in PUBLIC, dead Killers count as
witnesses. Thus, a disguised killer could take out three other killers if
they were alone.

For simplicity's sake (and the fact that Death Is Not The End) ANY hit with
a weapon is a kill.

When you kill, the corpse hands you their sticker. Take it to a ref at
your convenience, who'll add a point to your score, and deduct a point from
your target's score.

When you die, give your sticker to your killer. You'll lose a point for
dying. But whenever you want to kill again, go see a Ref. You'll get
another sticker, and then go take out whoever offed you and ever other
Killer you can catch.


Any Killer in disguise is a fair target, fair game to be shot at.
(A player shooting at a player in disguise is NOT a fair target!)

If YOU are in disguise, any other Killer, disguised or no, is fair game.

Referees (there will be several) CAN PLAY, but a) must follow the
same rules on disguise, b) off their targets in view of another ref, or
c) off another ref if both agree it was a "clean kill.

If you're not a ref but wish to kill one, tell another Ref first, who'll
watch the action go down.


Any weapon listed in the KILLER manual (see for
reference) as class "A" or "B" is legal. Basically, anything that won't
hurt someone too bad (unless they're real stupid, or real unlucky) is
acceptable. This includes waterguns, water balloons, boffer weapons, stage
knives, remote controlled cars, and alarm clocks. Paintball, BB, and
explosive potato guns are NOT acceptable.

"Bombs" and "poisons" are highly encouraged for the more subtle, but
must contain a name or recognizable symbol denoting who the assassin
is. As further incentive for this creative methodology the deployer of
a bomb or poison does NOT need to be in disguise when deploying the
trap -- and thus cannot be shot forthwith should he be caught in the
act! (Unless, of course, the *shooter* was in disguise.) Potential bombs:
alarm clocks, balloons rigged to pop, joke "candy" cans, etc. Poisons:
playing cards, paper notes, tokens, etc. Ask a ref if you're unsure.



Any civilian (non-player) complaints about any player's disruptive
behavior will, at the Ref's discretion, result in that player's
disqualification. In other words, don't use this game as an excuse to run
around pissing off folks who could give a fuck about the rest of us having
fun. We don't need the hassle. Dickheads can't play.

However, creative use of WILLING civilians is fine. (Yelling "He ran that
away," shielding from attack, etc.)


End of game will be announced from the main stage at (tentatively) 4:30pm
EST. All Refs will turn in the recorded scores. Whoever has the greatest
(kills - deaths) wins.


Referees (there will be several) CAN PLAY, but a) must follow the
same rules on disguise, b) off their targets in view of another ref, or
c) off another ref if both agree it was a "clean kill." (But having yet
another ref watching you is your best bet.)

Anyone who wants to play or referee is encouraged to email me at phloighd
at yahoo dot com.

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