The Special SubGenius Olympics

From: Christopher Lee <>

Date: Sat, Apr 27, 2002

anim. by Friday Jones

Here's how it works... any Clench that wants to be involved hosts a
sporting event.

For instance, if Lust in Space is there, Cosmic Golf is an Olympic

If Phloighd wants to run "Kill "Bob"", there's an Olympic Event.

In honor of Catholic recess, the Quijibo Cartel will plan to run
"4-square" as an Olympic Event. And maybe a drinking contest.

Maybe MiniTru could run some sort of Olympic "looking good" event.

Knowing the average amount of exercise most of us get, a Nekkid Mile is
best forgotten, but there could be a Nekkid Sprint and a Nekkid Long

Doc Frop or El Diablo could run the "drug testing"- AND YOU'D BETTER HOPE

There's a ton of options open. Lawn darts. The Battle of Armegeddon.
Potato cannons. Something like Nekkid Wrestling, but much safer.
Nekkid Curling. Um... Sexual Decathalon.... Dodgeball to the Death.
Three Legged Races... ("And "Bob" takes the gold!!!") Iron Cook...
something else, with nudity. Ranting. Flashing. Nickie-spanking.
Spelling bees and/or state capital knowledge.

To sum up, any Clench can host an event, and be responsible for awarding
the gold, silver, and copper. (or the SubGenius equivalents). And then
some put some other stuff here.

Full of bad ideas.
Christopher Lee


From: (The Rev. Dr. Lt. Chaos Israel)

The Tactical Buddha Institute will of course host this year's "Not
attending X-Day" Competition.



From: "Evangela" <>

I'll join the special olympics, how about my clench of ONE the
Evangelacal(s?) can host the women's leg, armpit and mole hair growing
contest. If you have long hair, enter that part. If you have shaved hair in
the am, I could see how strong you get stubble in the pm. Doc Frop could

ps, I *could* run the nekkid mile, would rather wear clothes though, boobs
hurt and chafe and slap around and inner thighs of fat girls slap and chafe
too. Painful for days. Plus I'd like a hanky so my glasses don't sweaty up
and slip right off.


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