Super Heroes' Ball!

From: (Rev. Nickie)
Date: Fri, Apr 26, 2002

That's right!

From me, who brought you such slacktacular events at past X-Days such
I've got the biggest balls of them all, and this year is no exception.
Like the wonderfully weird costumes we had at the Fetish Ball, I am
encouraging you to show us that super hero costume you've kept in the
closet all these years, and only worn when your mommy wasn't home. You
should also have a super power! Prizes will be awarded for the best of
these categories. I know Sister Decadence will be dressed as Wonder
Woman- at least I hope so! There will also be the triumpnat return of
the SPANKING RITUAL, since the force of my sting upon your ass is
truly my super power. This event will likely be held on Friday night.

I will be accompanied by the newly-formed Milwaukee clench, which
includes the Evil King Richard, Mike the Fuckin' Carpenter, and of
course BOB WILD, who currently is lucky enough to have been my
boyfriend for the past 9 months. I decided to date him based upon his
name, and it has worked out well since. At least he's not related to
me. Both M. the F'n C. and E.K.R. are SINGLE and CUTE, and very nice,
so I expect you Connieites to take advantage of this.

M. the F'n C. is also an artist and photographer, and just took my
calendar pictures, which I haven't gotten back yet, but I had a GREAT
time doing it, so they should turn out well. He's the only guy that
could ever get me to climb a tree naked. Pity I fell out before the
picture got taken, but oh well. There's always next year.

Rev. Nickie DeathChick

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