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> details still sketchy, more news as it is confirmed

So after hearing both sides from the chat room this is what came out
Rocknar saved someones life after eating the sacred matzoh and drinking
kosher ale-8.
Seems a crazy maniac midget chick thru a boombox at this huge chick with
no arms but it was blocked by an ape-man who destroyed it! Then the no
armed chick who was bigger than an house flung herself at the tiny
midget chick while screaming the word CHEESE! for no reason. Rocknar
then finished off the last of the ale-8 and stopped the no armed giant
woman from stepping on the tiny midget girl, as it is certain the tiny
midget girl would have beat the hell outta the giant armless woman!
Now Brushwood hates the ape-man because the midget woman made a bunch of
high pitched screaming noises. The huge armless lady hasnt slept for
days and is writing in pain in a super cooled room at Nuclear Power
Plant. Meanwhile the maztoh is confused on why its in the story.

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