Brushwood Killed My Truck! (Jimbo's XD8 Report)

From: Jimbo DeLimbo <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Wed, Jul 6, 2005 1:55 PM

Ahh, X-Day. Once again I made it out to Sherman by the skin of my teeth,
having to first drive down to Long Island to raid my custodial account
down there. Big shout out to my deceased grandfather for saving up for
years so that I could make it to a cult gathering with relatively little
planning involved, just an old truck, some no-doz, and a carton of

After arriving at 10:30 pm the evening of the thirtieth, I immediately
sat down for some Slack osmosis at Dr Dark's drive in. Some weird
kung-fu epic spoof on every movie *ever*. Sucked down some of Phloighd's
rum and Leonards 'frop and fell into a deep sleep plagued by recurring
visions of maniacal laughing baby-heads and a giant pyramid. Never gonna
figure that one out.

Woke up late (PRAZE "BOB"!) friday morning. Spent my money at the schwag
store, saw some people, went into town with a dress on, ate some things,
smoked some things, drank some things, talked to some people, somewhere,
at different times.

Saturday was a blast, I was supposed to be Odin at the deity ball, but
since no one knew who I was (being that it was a rather half-assed
attempt at a costume), I just went for Muad'dib when Sister Decadence
suggested that I looked like a Fremen.

To the old friends I always come back for: you made it my best x-day
yet. Thanks to: Sinphaltimus Exmortus for not teabagging me this year;
Sifu for being the calm, controlled center of the world whenever you're
around him; Leonard the Committed for being the loudest damn viking I
ever saw choke a chicken; Phloighd for being at the bonfire at just the
right time; Jack and Joy for the best Bacchus/Maenad costume I've ever
seen; Reverend Alex for the use of his cooler; Reverend Sloth for
keeping me hydrated; Mother Sinphaltimus Exmortus for having the
foresight to bring a 50-cup perkolater(!); Sister Decadence for being a
vision in blue; V and Ennie for the delicious pancakes; 808 and the
Spartan for keeping the back end of my truck from floating off the
ground on the way into Sherman; Banjo Bobcore for dangling a ride in my
face, exploiting my need, then callously retracting his offer; Mary
Magdalen just for being there; Ivan Stang for remembering my name; and
Dok Frop for slacking as only he knows how.

To the new friends whose names I actually managed to remember through
the frop-haze of X-Day and the apparent unreality of returning home:
hope to see you there next year if not sooner! Thanks to: The Hostage
and R.J. just for hanging out; Mad Smirker for living so close to me;
Rev. Cage for having an easy name to remember; That Guy I Played Fluxx
With at the Quijibo camp for having an impossible name to remember;
Richard Skull for having really interesting army stories; Mr. Morocco
for his words of inspiration; Eggplant for confusing me by having his
son with the same conspiracy name as me there, and then shouting for him
aloud, sounding JUST LIKE MY FATHER.

Finally, thanks to my truck for getting me there and most of the way
back before finally giving up. Thanks for giving up so that, though I
was not at Brushwood the next morning, at least I was not at work, and
indeed will not be at work for the rest of the week, in all likelihood.
Thank you for choosing now to break down. Amen. Praise "Bob".

-Jimbo DeLimbo

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