Governor Rocknar's 8X-Day report

From: "Governor Rocknar" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Fri, Jul 8, 2005 2:44 PM

My memories are slowly returning to me...

WEDNESDAY - The whole day before I was to leave was insanely busy for me. I
had only about four hours sleep after going through tons of boxes in my
garage and attic to get my gear ready. That night, Rev. Delirus and his mom
pulled into the driveway of the Governor's Mansion. Rev. Delirus brought
with him SIXTEEN 12-packs of regular Ale-8 and four of diet! Delirus and I
went to a Meijer store close to my house and we bought another twenty
12-packs of regular and eight more of diet.

Rev. Delirus and I watched "Booboo Runs Wild" as well as the banned Disney
Nazi Cartoon on my new DVD player. Later he set up his PS-2 and we played
the greatest and most appropriate game for any X-Day, "DESTROY ALL HUMANS!"

Afterward, I spent all night getting things ready, disconnecting vital video
equipment and preparing it all for easy setup for arrival at Brushwood,
cleaning out the Governor's Private Offices for any traces of frop usage and
so on. Finally at about 7:00 am on the morning of Thursday, June 30th, I
went to sleep.

THURSDAY - I awoke at about 10:45 am, still totally exhausted from the
previous night. Delirus and I loaded up my truck with all our Ale-8 and
camping supplies. We finally hit the highway at about 12:20 PM. The drive
went good, driving with someone else in the car for any extended duration is
a whole lot easier than trying to make that long drive by yourself.

But then about towards Columbus we hit FOUR SOLID HOURS OF RAIN! Thankfully,
I had strapped a heavy blue plastic tarp tightly over all our gear. But let
me tell you, driving on the highway in the rain makes you SLEEPY AS ALL
HELL, and the fact I had not been getting much sleep that week only made
things worse. But luckily the rain cleared just before hitting Cleveland and
we were making good time and not hitting too much bad traffic.

We arrived at Brushwood at about 8:45 that night, and we were hoping to set
up our tents that we pre-shipped to Brushwood before sunset. But we went on
a search to find my tent which nobody at Brushwood seemed to know where it
was put. All the packages at registration were for other people.

"Phloighd knows where it is.", Grimmer kept telling us. But finding Phloighd
was even more difficult than finding the lost parcels.

We went through the showerhouse-studio to look for Phloighd and we ran into
Dr. Hal! We hadn't been there more than 20 minutes and THERE HAL WAS! It was
really great to see Hal out there again, I know he likes Brushwood a whole
lot more than the volcanic dust deserts of Burning Man.

So we went through the rest of Brushwood. We ran into Princess Wei at the
Trailer and she gave me a huge hug! At first I thought it was simply for
sending her and Stang Ale-8 but she was hugging me for spearheading the
fundraising drive to get Dr. Hal to X-Day.

Finally we ran into Pater Nostril and he found our lost UPS packages!! We
set up Delirus' tent okay, but it was now well past twilight and darkness
was setting in very quickly. We went over by Sister Decadence and Doc Frop's
camp and found Prostata and Rabbi there also, along with Rev. Lynx.

I tried to then set up my tent but a Wenzel Savannah three person tent is
NOT one to be set up in the darkness. Finally in pure frustration I totally
gave up on trying to set up that monster tent, instead just inflating both
my air mattresses and stacking them together to make a moderately
comfortable queen size bed. I set up my sleeping bag and slept under the
stars, disturbed every now and then by the occasional flying insects.

FRIDAY - I awoke shortly after sunrise and began to set up my tent. It went
a whole lot easier now that there was light to work by. Friday was pretty
much a do-nothing day for me. After I set up the tent and unpacked the
truck, I went into town and gave samples of Ale-8 to the local grocery store
and the Mobil station in Sherman, with contact information for the Ale-8
factory in Winchester.

SexMortus and Sifu arrived Friday, got to meet the Mother SexMortus. Hung
out with them at the Frop's camp. Got vaped out of my skull. Went into town
to get a 50 foot power cord. The cord wasn't long enough to reach Doc Frop's
electricity. Got vaped out of my skull again. Went back into town again for
another 50 foot cord. AGAIN the cord wasn't long enough to reach, so finally
Delirus and I and a couple of other people moved the tent closer so it would

SATURDAY - I shaved my head for the Deity Ball so I could go as Buddah. Took
a heroic dose of mushrooms and went to the Studio to watch "10 Minutes to
Showtime" - had some interesting visuals watching XD7 footage from the
pavillion and watching the patterns in the plywood paneling warping behind
Stang and Dr. Hal.

For the Deity Ball, JacklynHyde had a tropical light green sarong which she
had initially given to SexMortus, but it looked better on me so Rabbi didn't
mind that I got it. Got nominated as a FINALIST but when it comes to
peaceful Buddah versus chaotic Kali, Kali wins every time.

Saturday night it got cold! REAL COLD! So cold that I was grateful I
remembered to pack my thermal underwear and wore those over my jeans, long
sleeve shirt and leather jacket. Got some video footage of The Amino Acids!

SUNDAY - Sunday was another of those do-nothing days. It was really a long
series of fropping around the camp, going to Chrismok's trailer to connect
my iBook to his via a wireless network and dump some large DivX files.

Sunday night was more fropping, more videotaping, more delicious food at
Chrismok's trailer as well as Ale-8 Chicken (see seperate posting).

MONDAY - Monday was actually a long continuation of Sunday, except the day
started with the colossal fight as previously described. All I know is that
I was in my tent, watching a Jenna Jameson lesbian porn, "Jenna's Built For
Speed", and was going out to my truck to get the DVD player to hook that up
when the incident so many here have described in such differing details.

I tried to defuse the situation since Prostata, Rabbi and Lynx are all good
friends of mine, and despite Boss Dynamo's telling me that I didn't always
have to play peacekeeper, I stood up for my friends who I felt were being
robbed of the slack of just being at Brushwood for X-Day. Sadly, Pros and
Rabbi felt it was better for them to leave early, and I helped them organize
and pack all their stuff.

The rest of that day was a downer. So I decided that if Bachelors for Bob
could crank out their radio from their camp, then I should be allowed to
crank out the Bond movie "Moonraker" from mine. Some on that side of the
camp that day HAD to have heard "Moonraker" blasting out from my
Harman/Kardon computer speakers. That is, until the power went out. We
discovered that all the combined electrical equipment we had plugged in to
Doc Frop's campsite overloaded the circuits. One of the regular seasonal
campers, Sparky, said this had NEVER happened before at Brushwood!


After the power came back on, I unplugged all my gear. But apparantly to
make sure I wouldn't have power, someone came and unplugged the cord from
Doc Frop's to my camp and dragged the cord back to mine. Thank you, whoever
did that.

Monday night before I went to bed, Rev. Alan, one of the seasonal pagans
thought what a funny joke it would be to light a fake bomb and leave it at
Doc Frop's camp. So I did what instinct told me to do, I grabbed that bomb
and threw it toward Bachelors for Bob's campsite.

TUESDAY - Again, Tuesday was one of those do-nothing days. Fropped up more,
went into the pool. Got my head shaved and teabagged again, this time even
Stang getting in on all the teabag excitement. Went to the Corral for dinner
with Dr. Hal, Stang, Wei, Pater Nostril, Rev. Alex, Steve Cynic, Delirus,
SexMortus, Mother SexMortus, Sifu, Diana, Sister Decadence, Doc Frop,
Pickles, Samhain and Gonzo. It was THE LAST SUPPER AT THE CORRAL with the
most notable absence of Jesus.

Tuesday night was more fropping, last minute deliveries of Ale-8 to people
and getting ready for departure.

WEDNESDAY - The long trip home.

Despite some bad occurances, this year was a very good X-Day. Nearly
everyone got to try Ale-8 and many also tried and enjoyed the Ale-8 cooked

So today, I am enjoying the last few hours of my vacation, doing laundry and
piecing together the loose brain cells that were my X-Day memories. Special
thanks go to Stang, Wei, Dr. Hal, Philo, Rev. Alex, Sister Decadence and Doc
Frop, DJ Shaver, Chrismok and Ellis Dee, Rev. Ferg and Rev. Says Nothing,
Phloighd, Prostata and Rabbi, Rev. Lynx, Pickles, Devolver, RevAnkh,
Zozodada, Samhain and Gonzo, Sifu and Diana, SexMortus and Mother SexMortus,
Pater Nostril, ChrisLi and Quijibo, Richard Skull, Eggplant and Braneleek
and everone else there at Brushwood that I may have missed.

There were so many there and so much frop in the air that it's all still a
blur until the next year.

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