Happy 8X-Day! from: Shining Path of Least Resistance

Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, Jun 30, 2005 7:05 PM

Well as some of you regular posters will either be off to Brushwood
or out in the backyard working on your saucer landing strip approach
lights/flares/banners and will be away from this humble Subdeeni
portal that is known as alt.slack, I just thought I'd take this
opportunity to wish you all a joyous, rise-up-and-be-ruptured X-day
which will see you and yours delivered off of this cursed planet of
the Bushes and resurrected to a much much better place, as prophesied
in our holy pre- and post-Scriptures. Just remember, thanks to the
time difference here in Asia, we will be standing in the saucer doors
in our kimonos to meet you, bowing, chanting "Irashaimasse" and
handing out hot towelettes, just like in your favorite sushi shop.


Subject: Re: Happy 8X-Day!
From: König Prüße, GfbAEV <saurkraut@weinerschnitzle.com>

Happy XXL-Day!

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