MING! (Or....I Can't Get Behind THat!) from: Sister Decadence

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Date: Sun, Jul 10, 2005 12:52 PM

Last year I completely slacked off and didn't write one of
these to thank everyone who helped me, loved on me, hung out with me
or brought me Slack in some way. I sucked. Now I don't.

Thanks and props go to:

Rev. Stang and Princess Wei - for sharing their home with us
and our belongings, for Slack offered and 'frop consumed,
for Wei always wolf whistling, for slacking off themselves in
their OWN way, so as to make THEM happy, not follow some
pre-conceived idea of their Slack, and for always being there
for us. We love you guys.
Rev. Magdalen - for working her butt off to make X-Day
run with some semblance of sanity, for her crochet outfit
(ooh la la!), and for the Lindy!
Rev. Nickie Deathchick - for ALSO working her butt off
to make sure things got done, for laughing maniacally on
that one night, and for hanging with us. I sure do miss you
being around, woman.
Rev. Bob Wild - for being the Keeper of the Nickie, and for
always looking mysteriously Buddha-like with that perma grin
thing going on. You always look like you have something
up your sleeve. I can get behind that!
Rev. Dr. Hal Robins - for being such an erudite, brilliant
and well-dressed gentleman and for letting me hug on you
every time you were around. I found it comforting and delightful.
Rev. Dr. Philo Drummond - for being the ONLY Philo we
have. What would the radio show be without your insane
counterpoint to Dr. Hal? Oh, and for yet MORE rabid
Rev. Alex - for finally turning 18 so I don't feel like
hugging you is so WRONG. And for introducing
us to your dad...he's great!
Rev. Phloighd - for being our "in" guy at Brushwood! You
not only brought us Slack by doing that, I hear you brought
many others Slack as well. You seemed much happier too.
Praise you!
Rev. Pater Nostril - man, I can't say enough! You really
do everything! The food, the friendship, the soundboard,
the TIKI MASK! I will miss you next year more than anyone
else, my Brother. Love.
Rev. Eggplant - for general weirdness and
for bringing he-whose-name-I-cannot-remember, your
son. Frankly, I missed your drag ball outfit this year.
Rev. Abnorm Nihil & friend - dammit, I can never remember
your partner-in-crime's name either. Sorry. Didn't see you
at our site as much but you guys had the FUNNIEST costumes!
Rev. Prostata Cantata - for showing me M13. Wow...awesome!
Rabbi Jacklyn Hyde - for the Marilyn get up! Woo woo!
Rev. Fnord - for storing our pics, for camping nearby,
for being good to Leyaun and for all that friendly stuff! Monkey!
Rev. Muthah Leyaun Lucifera - as above, thanks for
being closer this year and for always being so cool I never
want you to leave! You beautiful lady, you. So sorry you
three had to leave early.
Rev. Devolver - For the same, dear Brother. You are such
great company, always. And for the HAT! I can't believe you gave
up that badass pimp hat! It's here with me, waiting for an
opportunity. Oh, and hey, cool shirt ya got there.
Rev. Pickles - I always feel like I'm lumping you four together,
as I see you in a group every time. Regardless, thanks to you
as well, for being such a fine neighbor. If ONLY the assholes
who live next door here were half as cool as you.
Rev. Dr. Dark & Her Highness Hellno - for the theatre, of
course! (Yes,I actually made it there several times.) And for
those cute 8-ball awards. I want to glue them onto a pointy bra
for next year.
Pastor & Mrs. Pressure - for Slacking off! (And that incredible
veggie sandwich thing.) Swoon-worthy, it was.
The Corral - for food and food and more food.
Did I mention FOOD? Yum. Turkey & cheese omelette.
Frank & Darlene Barney - for starting the whole "Bob"damned
Theresa and Dave - for continuing the whole "Bob"damned
thing. With paper towels and soap, even.
Fire tenders - without you, we couldn't sit and wait for
burning to fall on BanjoBob.
Rev. Chrismok & Ellis Dee - for trailer Slack, food Slack and
generally providing an alternate place to be that has electricity!
Rev. Susie the Floozie - for showing up this time and for the
American Flag Goddess. She scares me.
Rev. Chrissi-Topper - for almost falling into our fire, thereby
instigating a rousing round of "guess what drugs they're on?"
No one won. Love the outfits, girl!
The Amino Acids - for rocking out like madmen, and for
the cd. I HOPE you found Doc to barter for it! It's excellent!
Rev. DJ Shaver - If I'd known you were doing your show,
I'd have been there! Thanks for providing the tunes and for
playing Will Shatner for me.
Rev. Lady J. - for being sweet, understanding and utterly
beautiful. Thank you for the house aid after you left. It did
indeed come in handy and we were grateful.
Sparky - An honorable reverend, as far as I'm concerned.
Thanks for welcoming us into your space and for being such
a happy, laughing neighbor!
Rev. R(C)ocknar - for taking a mass teabagging like a MAN!
Rev. Lord Sloth - for showing patience in the face of difficulty,
and for not freaking out when you could have. You're solid, man.
Rev. Maria - for being a trooper when YOU could have freaked
out too. Moose tracks to you!
Rev. Gonzo - for balloon fishing! (Is that what it's called?) And
for being the strong, silent type. Love the flashing hat.
Oooh, sparkly.
Rev. Samhein Greystar - for being my newest friend at X-Day.
I feel like we finally met rather than having known you all this time.
Thanks for sharing your sweetness and time with me.
Bring more kilts! Yummy! *purrrrrrrrrrr*
Rev. Mother SExmortus - for being my OTHER new friend!
Damn, woman, I laughed more with you in a week than I do
in a whole year! Where have you been all my life? Oh, and
any time I need a body makeup artist, I'm calling you. That was
Rev. SExmortus - for bringing that fine lady of yours, for being
one big, Slackful muthafuckah and for always being the voice of
joviality. Man, it's always good to be around you.
Rev. Lady Diana - for also being a makeup arteest
extraordinaire! You shall fear no buttcrack! You are also
beautiful, calm, funny and yes, elegant. I can only aspire to have
the qualities you do.
Rev. Sifu 13 - Manoman, you and Doc are like long lost
brothers. It's always great to have you around...your quiet strength
and sense of humor are unmatched.
All New York Clenchers - I fucking love you people!
Rev. Dr. Frop - Ah yes, my beloved in Slack, I could ask for
no better match or partner than you. You love me, you make me
laugh and you drive me crazy...the perfect man.

If I've forgotten anyone, especially if I really SHOULD be
thanking you,do forgive me. My brain is always fuzzy from 'frop and
alcohol intake afterward for weeks!


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