Leonard The Committed: X-Day report

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Date: Fri, Jul 8, 2005 2:35 PM

What more can be said of X-Day than already has! I'm not sure which is
better, actually attending X-Day or the weeks, sometimes months of
anticipation for the trip.

Decided to take a longer route down last Wednesday and stayed the night
with Rev Eggplant, his lovely wife Rev Karen Too Much and Thomas, the teen
with the permanent motorcycle ad fused to his skull. Was glad I did too,
as the drive 'straight through! often has left me frazzled upon
arrival to the SubG holy grounds. All in all it was worth the extra 2
hours drive time.

Arrived at B'Wood at around 2pm on Thursday to be met at the main gate by
Stang and Princess Wei. Got in good with Phloighd right off the bat and
was personally escorted to the finest campsites in alt.slack woods that
were available. Seems the Pagans had given up on roping off every good
place in sight and it was mostly wide open to us. Phloighd also set us up
with a cord of firewood which was used at my camp along with Eggplant and
Thomas, the excess being traded off for favors and fropsticks. Phloighd
was also consulted on other matters relative to the event, and should
receive some kind of award for his helpfulness and generosity. He treated
me well DESPITE my feeble attempts to get masturbation videos of his then
girlfriend 3 yrs ago.

Thursday night is when things begin to blur for the rest of the event. At
some point, I ended up with the megaphone, taking the place of the
mysteriously missing Jesus. I'm not sure but I think that happened on
Friday some time. Being the Town Crier, Barker, Obnoxious Moron, ad
nauseum was a bit of an honor for me, as I had big shoes to fill. Having
'Sparky! one of the B'Wood regulars loaning me the Viking Helmet was
way too cool, I've always wanted one of them things and he gave me a good
line on where to get one of my own.

Now I remember sitting down on the lawn waiting for one of the events to
begin by the stage. I'm thinking it was Friday night but I could be wrong.
Doc Frop walked up, crouched down and pulled out a small lugubrious mass
which when lit and inhaled, caused me to not really care about what was
taking place on stage. Doc Frop also made me the best trades for firewood
over the course of the weekend as well.

As mentioned, the haze of the fropsticks, the KICK ASS weather and the
slack literally oozing from my pores leaves much time to be accounted for.
As always, certain people stand out. To Eggplant, whom I shared a rather
twisted childhood with that has parlayed into an even more bizarre
adulthood. To Sexmortis, for not kicking my ass as I commented on the
loveliness of his wife. To Rev He Who's Name I Shall Never Remember for at
least the first part of that keg he brought, along with several hours of
great conversation. To Legume, for letting his guard down long enough to
be able to chat and have a laugh with him. To Sifu, for not pulling any of
that chink shit on my ass. To "Loner" for letting me remember who
'Lighthouse! was, and helping him back for a visit. To Suzi the
Floozie and Dr Topper/Krissie who seem to make me feel like family
whenever I see them. To the lovely LeeBurls for taking the many hours to
talk to an old burnout with half his teeth gone. To Magdalen, for letting
me have the bullhorn and and not mentioning the drool coming out of my
mouth whenever I looked at her. To Chrismok for the great party at his
trailer. And to everyone else not mentioned, who's names have slipped my
mind or whom I met for the first time, thanks for being a part of it.

Damned! Had to leave Tuesday for the trek homeward and obligations back
here. Funny (kinda) thing happened on Wednesday morning, I didnt wake up
on time for my part time conspiracy job! OOOPS. The boss lady was cool
with it, and I guess I could have stretched the trip out one more day.
Guess even the best of times have to come to a close sooner or later...

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