Typical X-Day Report, plus 8X-Day Timeline

From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subgeniusNOSPUM.com>
Date: Wed, Jul 13, 2005 10:22 AM

1 page about the trip home


2 pages about packing.
1 page about getting to Sherman, NY
1 paragraph about talking to a person at Brushwood whose name is not
1 sentence of thanks to various individuals
1 sentence about how tiring it is to write this, and the report will be
continued later.

Here's an atypical report. I don't actually remember any of this, but I
knot it happened because I have seen or heard snippiets of it all in
the now-organized stacks of media.


*********Thursday June 30*

Frop Camp
Setting up Swag Shack

Drive-In -- Beatnik Night

***********Friday July 1*

Hal-Philo-Stang "Radio Show" 1 on stage

Ask Dr. Howl

Studio: Showing of parts of "7X-Day - Share the Load"

Impromptu band, "Impairment Document" Wotan Jam
With fast version of "Fear the Future," Amino jams, Philo Mouth Solo,
Wei Flute, Carter bass, many guests

Drive-in -- 2-Headed Movies Night

Dead of night: secret placement of Pope Perro Posters by Stang

******Saturday July 2*

SubShop Swaggarting

The Bobtism

Movie Show -- "10 Minutes Til Showtime" and "Share the Load"

The Diety Ball
And Judging

The Bulldada Auction Part One

Surprise ReWedding of the Exmortises

Squid-In at the Mok/Dee Vape Trailer

Lonesome Cowboy Dave and the Mondo Retardo Band:
Strange Cleveland
Stop Abusing That Substance Abuser
War is Good
Abu Graib
The Presiden'ts on the Phone
Suspend My Disbelief
America Fuck Yeah
SubG Anthem
Xmas in Baghdad

Stang Stalls
Dr. Howl recites Poem

The Amino Acids

The Burning of the Bob Icon/Bonfire
More placing of Pope Perros

********Sunday July 3*


Dr. Howl's Sunday Sermon, Bone poem

Rev. Alex Thompson rant

Stang-Philo-Howl SHOW
Asking Dr. Howl

Rev. Richard Skull

Rev. Delerus



*******Monday July 4*(?)

Nenslo Quiilt Display

Pot Luck Last Supper / Lunch

DJ Shaver -- Durante
Spazz Dance Contest
Movie scenes w/ Sock Monkey
Squirt on "Bob"

Stang recites Beefheart

Howl recites poetry


Stang Nasa vs. X-Day Impromptu Rant

Delerus 2 (Frop Camp)


DJ Shaver

Betsy Fucking Ross

Pappy Knight

Stang & Howl Radio Show 2 (occasional Philo)

Auction w/ Carter

Banjo Bob Passed Out

Drive-In: War of the Worlds (Pendragon Pictures 2005 version)

TNT Stunt by "Allan"

StangDoe Creepy-Crawling; Bachelor Party
Dawn Shots

******Tuesday July 5*

7 A.M. saucer drill


Packing up stage, swag - lost camera, found camera

Re-Teabagging of Rockner

Packing for morrow, party

******Wednesday July 6*

Driving home

Howl wash, and to airport

Frop n Dec spend night, leave Thursday

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