Ale-8 Chicken recipe

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The Ale-8 cooked chicken went very fast and many of you were surprised at
how well it turned out, despite how disgusting it may have sounded

So here is the recipe:


The Cabelas Beer Can Chicken Cooker - catalog number IF-515356 - I recommend
the black steel double as it won't tarnish like the stainless steel ones in
the fire pits of Brushwood.

One whole raw chicken, properly cleaned. Remember food safety handling
instructions and WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE AND AFTER preparing the chicken for
the cookers.

One shaker of garlic powder (NOT garlic salt)

One shaker of regular Mrs. Dash seasonings

One bottle extra light olive oil

One can of Ale-8, open and pour about 20% of the can out for it to cook.

After properly cleaning the chicken, take the chicken and mount the chicken
cavity on the can of Ale-8. Coat the chicken with olive oil and then season
with garlic powder and Mrs. Dash. Place the chicken cooker rack on either
your campfire or on an outdoor propane grill. We used Ed Strange's propane
grill at his site which did a great job of cooking the chickens. Cook for
about 1 hour and 40 minutes to 2 hours, checking for any flareups.

Once the chicken is done, it should have a very dark and crispy skin. When
you cut into the chicken with a knife, the meat will have a very soft and
tender texture and easily come apart.

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