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In the early evening of July 4th, while sitting in the camp of our hosts,
the talk turned inevitably to XDay. In a few minutes the tone of this
conversation had risen in pitch to a level of excitement that I hadn't seen
since '97 or '98. There were many signs and portents that, taken
individually were unnoticeable but together were significant. You could
almost reach out and touch the buzz in the air (and a few who were more
altered did so). This XDay was different.

As the evening wore on, those more adept at reading the signs had grouped
into cohesiveness and had begun to bounce their impressions and
interpretations off of one another. From this rose a common thread: XDayX.
It turns out that the most significant thing about this is that XDayX is
almost a palindrome and only misses it by one letter (and that letter is D
for Dobbs or y for yetis). The seers saw this as somehow significant. They
all sagely nodded in agreement that XDayX is the one.

We were all roused at 6:45 on the 5th. Again, this is a bit more organized
and somewhat militaristic than I like but it serves its purpose and
contributes more towards slack than it detracts. In my traditional SubG
experience anarchy is the rule and order is abolished in favor of the random
motion of the organism. Here, order has been mildly employed to make sure
that we walk away from this experience with what we need to know. While
some of you would scoff at this behavior it has forced me to participate in
events that I would ordinarily avoid. I'm told it was necessary and my
shock gland has little juice left in it.

Saint Joyce and I missed being among the bulk of the XDay revelers this
year. We were DELIGHTED to see the picture of the 3! Volkerdings (some
people really SHOULD procreate). It sounds like everyone had fun and there
were no reports of starvation related injuries as a result of us not being
there. Besides, a little hunger is good for the soul. We will see you all
next year. Preparations have already begun.

Until XDay is everyday,

Professor Pressure

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