Amsterdam Flu Diagnosis

As many of you many already know, I work at one of Dobbs' Homes for Slackless Children and Sanitarium (Lemuria). I too came home from Amsterdam with a bit of a snotty nose and took advantage of the fine Lemurian physicians here to see what the problem was. I would like to put all of your minds at ease.

It seems that there is a sound and light borne virus called the Dobbs SubVirii that passess between SubGenii when they are together (or, sometimes, through cassettes). It is a quickly mutating virus so there are many strains of it. Usually, the SubGenii you are around the most don't affect you - you all have the same strain of the virus. But when you meet with new SubGenii the virii get all worked up about meeting family. The result is we get sick _unless we meet again and regularly with those and other SubGenii_. And that is why some of us have to keep going back to Brushwood and the devivals; we'll get sick unless we do. Obviously, the European strain and the US strain of the Dobbs SubVirii mutated long ago; this explains why we _and_ they got sick. We made each other sick, and we probably won't get well until we're together again. Thus our plans on returning to Amsterdam.

Which is part of what X-Day is about: the aliens will take us away from Earth and for the first time in a long while (pre-history) all SubGenii will be together. The virus will have a chance to work itself out and we won't get sick any more. When all SubGenii are together, we will never get sick - we will only get sick of each other.

- O.

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