Subject: So how was Amsterdam?

From: "whyaskwhyaskwhy" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, Apr 6, 2000 1:19 AM
Message-ID: <>

Has anyone posted anything about how glad they were that all you sick
bastards / bastardettes got to go have the time of yer lives while the rest
of us tards sat here with our thumbs up our asses doing " important things"
that must be done today or else we'll have to still do them tomorrow and if
they don't get done, well gosh, something might happen and it might be bad
so why go anywhere ever? It looked like a real hoot even though I don't know
ANY OF YOU and you scare me anyhow what with all that crazy talk about slack
and that cartoon BoB guy thingie* besides you all look like the drug crazed
hippies that they showed us movies of in junior high and it always ended
badly for them, boy I'm glad I didn't go with you because I stayed here on

Besides, I got things done. I guess. I don't remember what they were and
have no pictures of them to post to ABS and didn't hang out with old friends
to do them with or get to go to a cool old city to do them in.

*--actual quote from ultrapink wife unit of the biggest freak I know

Subject: Re: So how was Amsterdam?
From: "Rev. Magdalen" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack

Actually, the vast majority of attendees were in fact broke, their trips
were paid for by the modern day magic known as credit cards. Now, I'd
be the last one to tell people to run up huge credit card debts in
exchange for weeks of slack, but what the hell difference does it make,
it's not like you're going to escape the credit system; you'll prolly
NEVER pay off house+car+education+medicine anyway, so why not throw in a
few extra thousand for the hell of it?



Subject: Re: So how was Amsterdam?
From: (kevbob)

yes, it seems that way, sometimes, doesn't it?

credit cards are a great little piece of magic, a lot like a cordless powerdrill.

but will you use it for self-trepination or for mounting that elk's head above the

"oo ee oo ah ah twingtwang wallawalla bingbang,
oo ee oo ah ah twingtwang wallawalla bingbang oh yah!
oo ee oo ah ah B I N G O, oo ee oo ah ah E I E I O" Clutch

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