ALL HAIL POPE BLACK, The MAN of MANY DESTINATIONS (for whom, as Nickie noted, "EVERYTHING IS" ON THE WAY""). Pope Black proved himself TRULY a full fledged SubGenius Pope in the classic, Book-defined sense of the word. An inveterate (and sometimes invertebrate) dope-tracker with the surest Spidey-sense in the trade, Pope Black is also (in his day job) one of the great chefs of Europe, much in demand by the top restaurants. "WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T FOLLOW POPE BLACK!" was a rallying cry for the Field Trippers, yet we all followed him anyway. I wish any of us could remember where we went. I vaguely remember riding behind a fleet of motorcycles into Rotterdam, carrying a fake wax head of the Prince of Holland in a duffel bag, but that might have been a dream.

Pope Black made the devival happen, and got everybody everything they needed, instantly, every time! He also delivered some rip-roaring rants, which you'll be hearing 95% censored on THE HOUR OF SLACK since Pope Black cusses like a sailor.

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