Towards a more perfect hate.

>From: "Malaveldt" <>

>So, fifteen are dead and already a nation of sheep scramble to disguise their vulnerablity and thoroughly as they've tried to disguise their culpability.

>That could have been me...but it wasen't. I will tell you why. I have discovered a more perfect hate, with a more perfect execution. Killing is easy. It must be, if pinks can do so much of it. So I'll broaden my goals.

>This is notice to every sneering imbecile of a teacher who ever rolled their eyes at me of failed to restrain their snickering. This is notice to every bully who thoughtfully shared a measure of violence with me. This is to everybody who ever tortured and killed something small and vulnerable to make yourselves feel capable affecting anything with your flaccid will. This is to every religious bigot who presumed to inform me that I should fear the same rubber monster that they do. This is for a lot of people, more than I care to ennumerate, but fewer than the number needed to stop me.

>I will kill your culture. I will cut the lines transmitting the virus that is your collective consciousness at every turn. I won't harm a single hair of your pink little heads. Your children are safe, at least from me. I will break your power, and bury your fears and hopes in the same trench grave as your petty dreams. Your world ends, beginning tonight. I have a weapon more powerful than a bomb, and more sinister than your darkest fear.

>I have "Bob", and I have myself. I will give you a ten-second head start.

>Mike Doscher
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