Return from the Devival

From: (David F Lynch)
Subject: Back from devival
Date: 29 Oct 1996 01:06:16 GMT

Good lord. 378 new messages. I doubt I'll get to them tonight, as I've
got lots of personal schtuff to take care of, as well as two tests tomorrw.
But I may's well give you my first impressions on whatsitcalled whatever..

Columbus devival itinerary

36 hours
50 glasses of water
Fried Calamari
1 pint chocolate cookie dough ice cream
1 bowl Strawberry oatmeal with raisins
$6.00 potato chips
Turtle sundae
1 'fropstick (my first)

Why these are my first thoughts, I'm not sure. But it may have something
to do with the fact that my weekly diet generally consists of bread.
and water. Not out of poverty; I just REALLY LOVE bread and water. They're
GREAT! Quite possibly the world's most perfect food. So, I probably gained
about fifty pounds or so, but WTF. Not as if I had an enviable body before
anyways. Nothing EXTREMELY grotesque- all the really grotesque stuff is in
my BRAIN- but calling me "lard-ass" wouldn't be a non-sequitur.

Well, I have plenty to say about the devival; the thoughts are running
through my head at the rate of about five billion a minute. Problem
is organizing them enough to get them down. My bookbag with the "Bob"
button on it seems to be a tremendous focus of the unexpected; I've
had items I'd thought lost for years suddenly appear in there (yes, I
clean it out regularly). And it multiplied my umbrella. I've been
thinking of sticking the pin through the end of my dworkin. Albeit
not especially seriously; I'm not exactly a model for PFIQ. So, what I'm
trying to say, is don't be surprised if I seem especially diffuse
now. I'm trying to get some of it out of my head so I can weed out the
stuff that's worth saying.

Well, I aorta go. I cut my finger trying to make me a bagel. After
spending five minutes telling my brother to watch hisself so he didn't
cut his fingers. I wish I could blame my mental confusion on bloodloss.
But truth be told, I'm usually sharper mentally when I'm completely
out of it physically. Could be the environment. Hold on, I'm gonna
close the door.

That helped. Now, I know I oughta just shut up now.

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