Brought to you by The SubGenius Foundation, Inc. Video frame grabs by Rev. Ivan Stang. GWAR designs are trademarks of Slave Pit, Inc.

Rampaging OJ Simpson Attacks a Hapless Slave.

The Sexicutioner Decapitates OJ.

Jerry Garcia -- BEFORE...

... and Jerry Garcia, AFTER.

Aliens abduct lead singer Oderus Urungus to obtain a sperm sample by making him fuck their Device...

...and get more than they bargained for as the spunky Oderus spews foul-smelling semen all over the Greys and the human audience. (It tastes like coffee creamer!)

Slymenstra Hymen's fire dance. Illegal in Chicago.

The Greys extinguish Slymenstra's torches with gouts of Oderus sperm, impregnating her with his Hate Child.

The slaves cavort as Sexicutioner delivers Slymenstra's mutant baby by Caesarian section.

GWAR does battle with Cardinal Syn, alien robot Space God who founded all world religions, and, moreover, kidnapped Slymie's BABY!!

After vanquishing the forces of good AND all rival forces of evil, GWAR feeds tender young audience members to The World Maggot before chopping its head off.

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