A close-up of the brave young drinker of his own pee. I was surprised to find, talking to him and other SubGenii outside the "club" afterwards, that he was not really very drunk, or if he was, he was still more coherent and polite than most of the other people hanging around.

I like to descend, you see, from my great show-biz heights and "mingle with the little people." But sometimes those people scare the devil outta me. This particular guy didn't. He seemed like an okay dude!

Of course, our old friend tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE attained extra infamy by videotaping himself drinking the urination of LADIES in BLACK STOCKING, WHILE HIS HEAD WAS THRUST THROUGH A HOLE IN A SHEET ON WHICH WAS DIED A GIGANTIC DOBBSHEAD.... but that was back in that Day they're always referring to.

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