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The world terminates thursday and IT LIKING DYING! Well No., probably not... however whatever it, Stang lines maintenance measured value! ARE WE CONTROLLED BY SECRET FORCES? Does FOREIGN PLATZCNENSLO GET NEW WORLD to a STARTLING? DO PEOPLE THINK LIL ARE STRANGE? IT?? then LIKING IT ON RIGHTS the TRACK TO BE! "Unpredictables" are not alone and judas surprising hidden energies of their! Are huey abnormal? YES! ITS TYPE TRIUMPH!

If you are that what uke "different" -- if thoughts that we are to enter new dark ages -- if you see the universe like a kenneth of wide morboso fyodor -- if been trying a religion inherently bogus that it will pardon the advanced degeneration and devival that you are "over" all otherwise -- if you can aiutarli with a donation -- "Ballard" could save your WAGE of seattle!

"You'd in order nikitta that what REALLY thoughts " -- Russell 5429

That As Thinks Here No Slackening Is Right? You can 'crack eight' from the disease of the firehouse! ("the sleep of the monsters of bucks of reason") the church of the SubGenius recognizes ten programming! To observe to the Unpredictables high of the church of the SubGenius door deprogramming and risincronizzazione praisebob!

Her Ladyship Rev. Dkr. St. Popess Lilith von Fraumench, Esquire, Inc. == Prophet--Stage Manager Of The EndTimes--Corrective Phrenologist == =!APOCALEPSY NOW! SEATTLE DEVIVAL APRIL 13 BALLARD FIREHOUSE SEATTLE=

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