Anonymous' X-Day X-Cuse

Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 10:42:02 +0200
From: Anonymous <>

As media attention began to focus on X-Day, normals and pinks all over the world got the word and used telepathy (prayers in normal and pink speak) to move a large asteroid in front of the arriving fleet of ships carrying sex-goddesses. Several of the ships were destroyed when they smashed into it and the rest were sucked like Monica Lewinsky doing Bill Clinton into an Einstein-Rosen bridge (a spaceworm's asshole or Einstein and Rosen spent way too much time together) created by the matter / anti-matter reactions of the destroyed ships and warped them to the other side of the cosmos. The fleet will be built all over again and new sex goddesses with Ten Trillion times the orgasmic power of the previous ones will be cloned before another attempt at reaching Earth can be made. When the new sex-goddesses go into action, Matter Energy Space and Time (MEST) will be vortexed into areas where the sun doesn't shine in normals and pinks until they individually explode with the power of the world's biggest Hydrogen Bombs thus leaving SubGeniuses free of the constraints of all the universe's quantum and alternate realities and make up infinite amounts of mind-warping, dementologically, pornologically insane stuff as they go along for all of slacking eternity

Slackfully yours,

Morning Star the Light Bearer
"Nad Si Suroh" - 33 Degrees

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