Did anyone else see the giant 'X' over Brushwood 6:40am 7/5/98?

From: pnarco@REMOVE2REPLYslip.net (Phineas Narco)
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 02:12:32 GMT

I'm working on getting my pictures developed and scanned in. About 20
minutes before 7am, there was a giant X that appeared in the sky over
Brushwood. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Crawford saw it and I think Suzie the
Floozie got a picture of it. Legume and I also saw a UFO on the
horizon about the same time. I tried to get a picture of it but each
time I raised the camera it disappeared behind the treeline. Actually
I might have taken a picture of it, I can't remember. It looked 'L'
shaped with a line through the vertical part of the L and moved very
smoothly and slowly over the horizon just above the trees. THESE ARE
NOT JOKES GODDAMIT QUIT SNICKERING! I got a picture of the X and will
be posting it. Somehow.

-=-Phineas Narco
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From: "Rev. Dr. Jack MeHoff" <revjack@visi.net>
Organization: First Church of Total Relaxology

Is that what she and all those folks were doing in the middle of the
field? I saw someone pointing over the eastern horizon, talking
about an "X", but I was way too gone from anti-sleep to snap a picture.
I did get some footage of the ensemble looking at the "X", though.
How 'bout an email of the picture when you get it? I'd 'preciate it...

Rev. Dr. Jack MeHoff
First Church of Total Relaxology "It's hard to act superior when
revjack@visinot.net covered in your own sick."
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From: e/wbear@hibernia.ca (e/w bear)

This goes right to the heart of the matter.
Even if were true, no one would believe it.
The circle is complete. The X-ists have landed.


From: Jim Cser <jimcser@user1.teleport.com>

Yes, there was indeed a BIG X IN THE SKY. It was VERY weird.
I still can't find the Big W, though.

-Jim Cser
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From: virtualole@aol.com (VirtualOle)

At the Dead River Clench X-Day party (In Michigan's Upper Peninsula) there was
not ONE but TWO "X"'s in the sky at about 8pm on 7/4:

One in the north northwest section of the sky and one in the south southeast
section of the sky. We caught it on videotape.

and of course, wonderful.

I will see if we can scan these in for your edification.

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From: terrygibson@rocketmail.com

My girlfriend took a photo of it and godamn if it
did'nt end up double exposed (superimposed) over a
picture of the Sacred Scribe standing in the pond.

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From: friday@subgenius.com (IrRev. Friday Jones)
From: Unit4@Sputum.Com (Doktor DynaSoar)

In alt.slack VirtualOle wrote:

^At the Dead River Clench X-Day party (In Michigan's Upper Peninsula) there was
^not ONE but TWO "X"'s in the sky at about 8pm on 7/4:

"One if by landing site, two if by YOUPEE."

They were there. They were real. The saucers ARE here, and as the book has
said all along will hae 1.5 years to accomplish their task.

And you people are sitting around yakking about it.

It's not the ticket that gets you the ride -- that's just prerequisite.

So go ahead, hang out and blabber. They're HERE and they're WATCHING.

WTF do you think I was DOING all weekend? Why do you think I wasn't wasting
time performing silly songs and rants?

I was communicating via the 2 GHz link provided by Or Kill Me Radio. These are

That wasn't a two way radio, that was a PSTENCH TRANSFER DEVICE.

Fuck it. Just forget it. Near as I can tell there's about 4 seats on the
escape vessel. That's right, VESSEL. SINGULAR. I'm going to buy it with saved
souls. You can all keep arguing about what "didn't" happen. Suits my purposes

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From: "Don Fnordlioni" <donfnord-remove@angstrom-remove.net>

I, too, got a picture. But my camera's battery died at 6:55am,
so I wasn't able to snap off the rest of the film, and won't be
able to until I get a new battery. Once I do, though, I'll be posting
it. Assuming it all develops properly.

Goddam, it's amazing how hoaxish this all sounds. I feel so
Striebereqsue. I recall some blond goth kid's videocam's battery
meter (but not the battery) died at precisely the same time.

But I am sure of this: the Xists ARE among us.


From: Sister Decadence <decadence@subgenius.com>

I got one too...a pic, that is. I'll post it, along with about ten
others in alt.binaries.slack. Will eventually send a huge batch to Stang
for him to put on Subsite if he wishes.


From: Evil Scumhead Johnson <atom@teleport.com>

Yer fuckin'-A I saw it.

Around 6 a.m., I stumbled back up to the car to snag the remainder of the
booze. As I was fumbling with the cap, a dude from a neighboring campsite
wandered by and asked me "Do you see it?" while vaguely indicating the sky
to the south. I grinned and mumbled something in agreement - by that
time, I had been seeing weird things in the sky for about ten hours.

I finally focused in on what the dude was trying to point out - a huge,
perfectly proportioned X in the southern sky that looked like it was
centered about ten miles away. I was astonished. A few thoughts raced
through my ravaged gray matter - "Could they have *planned* this?" Well,
possibly, with the help of a cut-rate skywriter and a really good
meteorologist. Pretty unlikely, though.

I stumbled down the hill into another campsite and told them about the big
X up in the sky. This revelation was immediately greeted with derision -
they felt, apparently, that what I had seen was merely the product of all
the beer, booze, frappy, blotter, church air and pork I had consumed.
Fortunately, Sister Susie - bless her soul - didn't even question me, just
grabbed her camera and headed out to the field, where she confirmed the
sighting and got the rest of the wastoids to come out and take a dekko.

Thanks for beleiving me, Suze - yer my new shordurpersav.


Rev. Dr. haj-Crawford


From: gggor@io.com (G. G. Gordon)

I watched the EX form over brushwood and so did a lot of other
people, we also have photos of another X shot from the Stangmobile on
the drive up. Like-uh-signs and portents were like-everywhere d00dz!

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