I Love All of You People

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Even with these huge, deep hurting threads [are they really big or is it
just because I was gone for a couple of days?] cluttering up alt.slack,
I can't help but miss the X-Day gathering.

It was like nothing I could describe. Everyone in the place was getting
along reasonably well, even with all the talk of hate in the air. Heck,
the atmosphere was so friendly that it made the hippie "barter fairs"
that pop up in college towns seem as hostile as a prison camp. Everyone
seemed to share some common interest, yet still be diverse enough to be
entertainingly unique.

Here's a short example, if you'll bear with me.
JHVH Hates Phred [one of the few SubGenius bands I can tolerate, but
that's OK because we're all brothers] were improvising about the
Assassination of NHGH, likening it to the first Kennedy assassination.
Pope Phred said something like "...and there was a SubGenius on the 3rd
floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository on that cold afternoon..." and
several guys in different parts of the audience, obviously annoyed,
yelled "SIXTH!"

Now, I'm not particularly "into" the Kennedy assassination, but that
just warmed my heart. I'm sure that if Phred had been speaking anywhere
else, the audience wouldn't have caught that, and if anyone had, they'd
have let it slide. But not here! I got the impression that if anyone
had gotten up on that stage and started talking about something, no
matter how obscure, and gotten their facts wrong, someone would be there
who had devoted their spare time to the topic on hand and by GOD they
would call them on it!

I dunno if that makes any sense to you folks, but it was nice. It's so
hard to find anyone with similar interests to mine around here.

I wish you folks were all here, right now.

Partly because I need help push-starting the Bug.

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>I wish you folks were all here, right now.
>Partly because I need help push-starting the Bug.

Stang is good at "bug-pushing". Ask anyone. Ask someone else.


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I'm going to regret bringing the second inflatable black widow to Brushwood,
one of these days.


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