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Here is the address for EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA. Chas Smith there would
be GLAD to sell you tapes. I believe they are $10 for 90 minute cassettes.
The song in question was BEST performed with Rev. Bleepo Abernathy at
Winterstar 1998. We also did it at the Last Cleveland Devival.

PO BOX 81555
Cleveland, OH 44181

Keep in mind that you can hear ESO every Thursday night via AudioActive

> Stang wrote, in alt.binaries.slack:
> |Behind me my video monitor is displaying Ymmot's video of the climax
> |of the ESO/Stang Friday Night Extravaganza with the ESO singalong, "US AND
> |ALL OUR FRIENDS ARE SO FUCKED UP." You DEFINITELY would have been singing
> |along, with tears in your eyes. This moment was fucking PRICELESS. It is
> |beautiful music, a beautiful song, and a bunch of beautiful mutants.
> It WAS. It WAS. The malevolent Ms Z and i held each other in our arms,
> swayed back and forth, and laughed our asses off. It really was a tender
> moment for everyone there.
> So. How the hell can i get a copy of this song? From whence may i order
> this CD? Tell me! Weirdos need my money, and i need to give it to them!
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> You can't fight City Hall, but you can for goddamn sure blow it up.
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