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12 midnight July 4 1998 -- Bill T. Miller and the Lascivious Exhibition Sex Goddesses

7 am July 5 1998 shot by Rev. Ymmot Zepol

someone else -- Connietite rant and belly dance

Luciferian Liberation Front rant by Bill Z. Bub

Rev. Ivan Stang and Einstein's Secret Orchestra "We Want the World"

Stang X-Day disclaimers (Fri. Night) "We won't kill you."

Einstein's Secret Orchestra "Sex In Another Dimension"

Rev. Susie the Floozie and Her Two Best Friends

The Pig-Like Palmer head Launching (Janor Hypercleats and Papa Joe Mama)

Blood Wrestling: Papa Joe Mama Vs. Stang, Friday Jones, The Rabbi, Angel of Death, Christina Bucket

Jesus Christ blesses the event

HOME MOVIES OF CAMP shot by Rev. Ivan Stang

Men vs. Women clandestine recordings -- failed panty raid attempts, frizzled antirapes, soft core porn man-bashing.

Poolhouse -- Women of the SubGenius Church bushwack and toy with frail naked body of ascetic, sainted Rev. Stang.


Stang Rape continued

Friday July 3 morning
Registration, misc. Brushwood scenes
Stang Welcomes Folks
Onan Canobite songs: "Do You Know How It Feels" "I Am a SubGenius"

Blood wrestling narrated/shot by Rev. Stang - Friday Jones vs. Christina Bucket, El Gordo vs. Angel of Death

BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON weapons testing
Ivan Stang's Ivangelical rant, Legume's Holocaustal rant, testing of weapons, Friday, Ed Strange

AMateur rant Rev. Buttmaster

The Duke of Uke: "anarchy in the U.K."

St. Andrew and Pope Phred, Alcoholic Youth Exhortation to Nakidity (hypocrite version)

Comments from the Lord God Jesus Christ, Son of Man

Moses Evergreen (?), hippie poet

BULLDADA AUCTION: Moment of Noise w/ Jesus Christ, mc
Dr. Dynasoar;
DK Jones bites panties off Christina Bucket
Woman Who Will Shit; Legume

SLACKBANGERS: Bill T. Miller & Stang "Slackbang Me Baby" medley, "Last Chance for Slack" rant

Papa Joe Mama -- "Princess Di vs. Mother Theresa"

Stang on X-Day Misconceptions, My Affair with Clinton

EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA "Sex" "Hands" "I Am a Clone" "Urasia Blue" "Jaguar Night"

Susie's Two Best Friends
Stang and ESO open rant

Mass Marriage of Dr. Dynasoar and Rev-El

Andrew the Impaled -- Nose Screwdriver, Sewing Legume

Papa Joe Mama "The Virtuous House Nigger"

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