X-Day according to the Duke

Yo Subs-
Back at my desk at work on Monday morning, I'm not good for much
coherence, so this seemed a good time to share my own personal meaning
of X-Day, and how I reaffirmed my Slack...

Years ago, when I was 13, long before I had heard of the Church of
the SubGenius, I tried to off myself. Loneliness, alienation; some
of you understand. The date: July 5, 1977. For years, this had
been my own personal anti-holiday, a day to reflect upon life and death.
So, imagine how much I was BLOWN AWAY when I first picked up the Book
and saw the date for X-day. I was literally BEING SPOKEN TO.

Last week's X-Day was the TWENTY-FIRST anniversary of that earilier
event. I MADE IT. I FUCKING SURVIVED. The Luck Plane slid me
towards the COOLEST party ever, I ROCKED on the ukulele, and best
of all, I was with MY PEOPLE. I didn't think about the past

Late Sunday morning, while I was wrapped in a towel getting out
of the shower, I had the fortune of running into Rev. Stang.
We chatted a bit, I shook his hand and thanked him for everything,
and then told him the real result of X-Day: I now had a whole
day ahead with NOTHING TO DO. If that's not a miracle, what is?

Praise "BOB",
Jim Cser -- "The Duke of Uke"

P.S. If anyone has pictures/recordings of me on stage,
I'd love to get a copy.

Unleashing the healing power of the ukulele for a world in need...
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