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Rev. Ivan Stang wrote:

> ?
> > >
> > > My chick gets kicks on dicks! Sorry to hear you and yours are
> sick.
> >
> I hear Scrappy is unhappy cause she's out of Frappy, so she'll go see
> Pappy
> and "take a nappy" for a blappy of frappy.
> --

Well when I went to see my Pappy
His dog's kinda yappy
And sittin' on his lappy
Pappy told me he was happy
when he took a nappy
After blappin' lots of Frappy
Not the kind that's crappy
That's my dear ol' Pappy
Singin' tunes that are Rappy
He humped a little Jappy
And a guy whose head was Nappy
Made him dance a little tappy
All over the mappy
Now this is getting sappy

Remember that one time when we sang that at the Book Doktor Campout II,
along with the classic "La, La, La" outside those people's tents while
they were sleepin'. Man that was cool.

True Philo

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