To: exposebob@aol.com
Subject: Pinkboy, pinkboy go away. Come again some other day.

Listen, human. What we do is of no importance to you. I suggest you leave the SubGenii alone. You're obviously not a SubGenius, so why should you be concerned with those that ARE? Don't we have the right to choose our own paths, our own fates? Nothing we have done is illegal (that you can put a finger on, that is), and no one has gotten hurt (again, that you can prove). Personally, I haven't been involved with any illegal activities, so don't even think about pinning anything on me. Prepare to burn in the hellish aftermath of X-Day. I will still be on Earth, just to watch the pinkboys burn. What a joy THAT will be! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!! Seeya in oblivion!

Cheerfully yours,
Care Bear


To: exposebob@aol.com
From: ÜberPope Raptor Ramjet
Subject: Kill "Bob"


I fully agree... Kill "Bob"...

But isn't that the whole point of the Church ? I hate that Pipe faced Moron more than anyone.

Now if you were asking to help "Bob" expose "Connie" then you could count me in on the deal.

Praise "Bob" !
berPope Okapi Ombadeng "Long Time" Raptor Ramjet KSC

mailto: ramjet@templeofdin.demon.co.uk
http: www.templeofdin.demon.co.uk

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Subject: Are you Bob himself?
To: exposebob@aol.com

Hey Kurt,

I was just turned on to your site by the actual Church of the SubGenius itself. I'm just wondering about a few things.

1. You thought this "cult" was going to burn out in a few years, well it seems like that's one of the Church's own profitsees. Short Term Personal Savior, ain't that what Bob's all about? You take what you can and cast him out!! The Church of the SubGenius has been in existance since '79 and you didn't hear of them until 1992? C'mon.

2. Your reference to 'Wacko" ( a pun? BULLDADDA? ) was unintentional I hope. I've heard a thousand normals use that joke. And I also believe that if a group killed everyone in Tokyo, it would merit them a bit more than your stated "little attention".

3. I love the $20 video!!! You'll pay to know what you really believe. Nothin' like a little old salesmanship to go with your concern for the teenagers out there. Hell, I was being taught all about Jesus as a kid, and he sure don't seem as real as Bob is sometimes.

Sorry to waste so much of your time with reading ( or not ) my synapsis of you, but I think that you are either A) a person who was actually scared off by Dobbs and his crew B) a Bobbie, who gets off at slagging the Church C) or gasp, BOB DOBBS himself. Only the true slack master could woo the pinks in suck (pun) a way!! They may be pink but they're money is green!!!!!

I am Not a member of the Church, but then again I don't pray at no wooden alter either.

To: Exposebob@aol.com
Subject: I know what's up...

You're just Bob come back to Earth posing as an anti-Bob guy! That's amazing! Nobody will guess! Don't worry, though, this is between you and me...


From: "a.hudz"
Subject: How dumb are you?

I seriously reccomend you stop sniffing glue and get a life. If your exposee on the Chrch of the Sub Genius and the campaign against it is
a hoax/prank, my hat is off to you! If not, I am verry worried about your
sense of reason. I have been a High Priest of the Church for almost ten years,
and this is the funnyest thing I have seen regarding the Church in some time.
For starters, the verrycor of the church is not hate. it's spite. Second,
the church isn't for people who have normal lives, it's for all of the people
who were outcast and ridiculed by societys "normals" Were you ever picked on as a child? Abused? Were you ever left out as a
teen? Beaten up? Dumped fore someone better looking? If not, the chances of you ever
understanding slack are about as good as compleating a game of jack straws
with your ass cheaks. This orginizatoin is nothing morew than a rallying piont
for those in life who were ostracised for being "different". The "strange"
people in life who dare to go contrary to society by being creative,
sensitive, smart, fat, skinny,awkward, cynical,rude,geeky, smelly, or any
other of the undesireable attributes that our Barbie and Ken culture select
I would be mutch more likley to back your campaign if you were out against
the media who is responsable for the deaths of more people- The girl who
starves herself to death to look like a supermodel: The young man who blows
his brains out at twenty because MTV sais he's not cool. The public school system that teaches behavioral compliance, and allows the
beautiful people to reign over the social outcasts. The shootings in america's schools aren't over
voilent mis-guided kids, they are over kids who have had enough of their
mentors and peers bullying them to fit in and not be "wierd".
Public school can be a hell, (or did you play sports and date the head of
the pep squad?) ant it's goal should be education and to promote free thoght.
Insead, it' the Nike, MTV, Disney, NBC training academy.
Before you go out on a limb to stop "Bob" try looking at the less obvious
threats to the world, and how he plans to fix them. I will answer any
questions you may have, and will be happy to give you an interview, should you
ever find yuourself in my neighborhood.


Reverend Dr. Wonton Suhr


To: exposebob@aol.com
Subject: exposing bob

I wouldn't want to see "Bob" exposed. Not only would that be illegal, but quite shocking. I can speak from personal experience when I tell you that his "thing" is enormous!

DO NOT ALLOW "BOB" TO BE EXPOSED! Children may be watching.

Thanks for all the free advertising,

Sir Dr. Rev. David M. Ready
(High Order of Orson Welles)

P.S. I also hope nobody gets carried away on X-Day and does something stupid. However, my experience has been that most Subs are too smart to get suckered into doing something that would be harmful to themselves or others, unlike some other religions I could name ....


From: The Saint Toad Horror
Subject: I have a question...
To: exposebob@aol.com

I saw your web-site....

You've got to be kidding... Sounds like you got some problems of your own... Ahh, youth, if they want to go out and maim and kill and worship some bullshit-that-may-not-be-bullshit-but-who-gives-a-fuck, let them... in the end you/they/everyone will all have to answer to ME...

Jesus H. Christ, you sound like my mom...

--The Saint Toad Horror (not a member)

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To: exposebob@aol.com
Subject: Expose Bob website

I really liked your web page. It is funny. I would almost think you are serious, but you keep leaving the sacred quotes off the name "Bob", and therefore cannot be taken seriously.

If hate is bad, love The Church.

Take care.

Mr. Gil gil@L0PHT.COM (L-zero-P-H-T) No authority is self-justified. Resist.
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