Hey, Mr. Slackman

From: mollyg@accessone.net
Subject: Another song for the Xday songbook

To the tune of "Hey Mr. Spaceman" by the Byrds.....

Woke up on X Day with a beer in my hand
Prabob it's the day
That the saucers will land!
All of the pink boys
Who scoffed soon will see
The end of the mystery....

Must be the Dobbshead that clenches his pipe
They thought it was bull
And they thought it was hype
Imprints from Starkfists
Now marking their skin
And now we'll see who will grin....

Hey, Mr. Slackman
Beam me up, you know it's right
I know tonight's the night
Hey, Mr. Slackman
Got my squirrel and my pumpkin
By my side....

Woke up on X Day
Overflowing with slack
Crawled out of the sack
Stretched the kinks from by back
Looked out the window and
Lo and Behold!
Just as the Book foretold....

Hey, Mr. Slackman
Beam me up, tonight's the night
I'll see Bob, it'll all be right
Hey, Mr. Slackman
Got my pumpkin and my squirrel
By my side....

The Rev. Mama Molly of the
Sad Eyed Sisters of Queen Anne

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