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"A new academic movement argues that cults fulfill needs not met by our soulless consumer society.

Cults make great video. The TV newsmagazines have rediscovered this lately, and it's a good bet they won't forget it as we count down to the millennium. This spring, ABC's "PrimeTime Live" devoted a segment to a group called the Brethren -- an itinerant cult, adept at recruiting teenagers, whose male members resemble Hasidic Deadheads. (The group combines intense Bible study with regular dumpster-diving expeditions.) Another hard-hitting expos concerned the disciples of an Arizona New Age figure called Gabriel of Sedona -- a channel for space beings who reveal (in high-pitched voices) that the earth will soon be a paradise. The bummer is that certain catastrophic events are scheduled in the meantime. This good news-bad news message has attracted a number of disciples who've turned their possessions over to the group; they now live in a commune. A hidden camera recorded a session in which the space folk insisted on two basic points: 1.) Obey Gabriel! and 2.) Don't leave the compound!

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