Kill Again Psi Land

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Organization: Musical Bears

Kill Again Psi Land
Just slack right off,
And you'll get some tail,
Some tail on a hate-filled ship,
From horny alien goddesses,
In leather chain and whip.

The mate was a small grey alien,
The skipper's name was Bob,
Five Elder Gods showed up that day,
For a wee end-times job,
A wee end-times job.

The Old Gods started playing rough,
The slimy pinks were offed,
If not for the courage of the Xist crew,
Subgenii would be lost,
Subgenii would be lost.

The ship touched down in the morning,
In a campground in New York,
For Ivan Stang,
Doc Legume too,
The Dynasoar,
And his wife....
fill in the blank________
fill in the blank________
Everybody's on 'Boooaaard!
(no wait...that's petticoat junction)
(?) 1998 Musical Bears
(a Gill & Fin Eye Lens production)

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