Saucer to Heaven

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Saucer to Heaven
(from the album: Saucerful of Secretions)

There's a salesman who's sure,
That the end-times are near,
And he's selling a ticket to rapture,
On that day we will know,
If we wasted our dough,
Or we finally got what we're after...

And he's flying a saucer to heaven.

Subs with cards everywhere,
But do they really care?
Cos you know sometimes cards have two readings,
At the side of the road,
Mindless bobbies will goad,
You to thinking your hopes are misleading...

Oooooooooh, it's a fatal blunder,
Oooooooooh, you'll be torn asunder,

If you don't pony up,
Spend a mere thirty bucks,
For salvation from all this CONfusion,
Then you'll fry on that day,
Just a small risk you say?
Guess again, it's a deadly delusion...

Oooooooooh, why are you refusing?
Oooooooooh, is your soul worth losing?

For it's written that when,
Clocks strike 7 AM,
Then the Xists will land in a pasture,
And July 5th will dawn,
And the world will be gone,
And the saucers will echo with laughter...

Oooooooooh, it's the final rapture,
Oooooooooh, will a saucer catch ya?

If they're a hustlin' off to Brushwood,
Don't be condupe,
It's the last gathering of the Yeti,
The only true path you can follow,
Is not to wallow,
In grand illusions and self-pity...

Oooooooooh, where's the part you don't get?
Oooooooooh, are we having fun yet?

The saucer's humming, there's a blue glow,
And did you know,
Bob Dobbs is calling you to join him,
Subgenii, can you see the Dobb's grin,
And his firm chin,
His saucer rides on a blistering wind...

<lead solo>

And as we fly off in delight,
Our saucers full and glowing bright,
With Goddesses and Yetinsyn,
Fropped out and sporting silly grins,
As our foul planet burns to ash...

And if you glisten and are firm,
Subfux will come, and pinks will squirm,
You made the right choice don't you think?
To be a Sub and not a Pink...

And we're flying a saucer to heaven...
(C) 1998 Musical Bears - Slack Domain

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