Alien Ship

From: (New Wave Bears)

Alien Ship
Awww... I was Nothing! I didn't matter to Bob!
There were tanks all over my city,
There were black helicopters,
And soldiers in the streets,
And men in black.

Ain't got no ticket,
Ain't got no real faith,
Ain't got a chance for, that saucer escape,
As I crawl these blackened streets,
Won't you give me a lift?
A lift. A lift. In your alien ship.

They were rioting down in Brushwood. Rising on X-Day,
Ninety-eight, they scorched the planet,
Pinks were blown away,
Hiding underground. Death in sense-surround. Up against the wall!
The wall. The wall.
Where's your ticket, boy?

Paid up Subs got identity,
Pinkboys have no names,
Cast adrift from the alien ship,
And left to die in pestilence and flames.

This July, Subs say bye bye. This is not a drill.
They are angry and not too particular 'bout,
Which Pinks they kill.
Subs with loaded guns, heavy mortars and, light artillery.
But here's the rub: You're not a paid up Sub?
You're just a target to me!

Alien ships have got death rays,
Alien ships bring pain,
Cast adrift from the alien ship,
And left to die in terror and in flames.

Just a sloth. Write me off. Haven't paid my fee.
Cut me loose. No excuse. No escape for me.
Help me JR Dobbs! I'm a careless Sub. Haven't got a card.
No card. No card. No card. No card...

On that alien ship you have Goddesses,
Alien ship you got Slack,
Get a grip on the alien ship,
Escape those Men in Black,
Alien ship you got immunity,
Better get on board,
On that alien ship you need identity.
A card. A card. A card...
A card. A card...
A card...
Where's your card, Sub?
Where's your card?
Your card?
(?)1998 Musical Bears

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