Or Kill Me Radio at X-Day

From: ttman@tiac.net
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 21:34:14 GMT

That's right!

For those of you who have been sitting at home drooling while you
waited for the return of Or Kill Me Radio, you will wait no longer.
Dr. SquelchCrash and D.J. Shaver (a.k.a. Rev. Art Humble) will be
setting up at the Brushwood Folklore Center on Friday, July 3, 1998.

So bring your radios and plenty of batteries, and tune 'em to 90.5 FM.
Note that after 7:01 am, July 5, 1998, Or Kill Me Radio will be
changing its name to Have Been Killed Radio.

For Notations, cancelations, postulations, additions, deletions,
situations, suggestions, and anything else ending in "tion," which you
would like announced over the air, please feel fee to post your
response, or EMail Rev. "Bus Stop Pest" at: ttman@tiac.net.

And yes, we will take requests, but you have to DJ it yourself (you
want it, you bring it, you play it - sort of like making your own
Sunday at the Ice Cream Shop).

But please keep in mind that spontinaity (sp.?) is the
rule of thumb - not to mention "first come, first serve." We prefer
to keep things as unorganized as possible. That way we don't have to
feel bad if we promise you air time but end up not being able to let
you have it because someone else hogged the airwaves for too long.
The best thing to do is just to find the station and see what's up.
You won't be able to miss us. We'll probably be the only army tent
with a 20 foot tall antennae.

By the way, thanks to everyone who has responded so far. Keep 'em

Or Kill Me

Rev. "Bus Stop Pest"

"One asshole starts, and then everyone wants to join in."

Robin Williams

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