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>The price I got from Continental under the deal that's outlined in
>Stark Fist is $489 from San Jose. I have to transfer TWICE and it's
>going to take 12 HOURS! Jeezus! Well anyway, I just have some
>1. Has anyone found an airline that offers a price lower than $489
>from the San Francisco Bay area? Or that is more direct?
>2. Are there any SubGeenies I can hook up with who are running an
>airport to X-Site shuttle at some kind of, well, generally agreed upon
>time so I'm not stranded at the aiport? Should I just wander around
>with a sign that says "Bob"?
>3. Praise "Bob"?
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I found had the same deal CONtinental was
offering fr/$300 USD less. Also, you might try, or
your local travel agent. Travel agents have to get cheaper rates, or
there wouldn't have any reason to use them.
Another note on CONtinental: my manager has a freind who works fr/'em,
and told me you have to all but beg-n-grovel to get the lowest rate.
Try saying "I want the absolutely the lowest price you can give me, or
I'm going elsewhere", and then try elsewhere to see if you can beat
P.S.- the price I got was $285 USD from S.D. to Erie w/1 stop.
P.P.S.-try asking about Red-Eye flights.
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