X-Day (an ode)

From: mithril@iafrica.com (Grantland)

But so it is so so it must be so.

The ultimate delusion
Is the search for simple union
of the thing that's sweet
and the thing that's meet and the thing
that necessarily and unilaterally must of course
Be done.

Doom, gloom, and destruction
The ultimate aloneness of all Man
The will to stand alone and testify.

They will to dare the one who will be one
Is come.

The mechanism of confusion
In the quest for ultimate union
Is the plausible expectation
Of the intederminable equation
and the honourable understanding
Of the reasonable toleration
Of the mock-orientation
And the ongoing limp evasion of
The thing that is and the thing that is to be ..
Is done.

Is come.

(but not so nevertheless but yes
just too too sorrowful parting gift ...
Though the following standard hap (o yes) infer ..


Gulled, lulled and made vulnernable
By a few preliminary stabs
the hapless, hopless victim prone
Lies waiting.

Shelob looms from Zoltran's tombs
The thick and deep enveloping glooms
The serried ranks of warriors stand staight and righteous

Of Course.

And all the world is waiting.

History stirs, the tide demurs
The crashing-gate of heaven's doors
The bell is rung
The charm is hung
The far and misty distant seas await.
The imminent hum ; Tsunami comes!
The moments hang like trickly treacle drops ...
Of course.

Just but not so there quite not yet there just yet so not quite
yeh... huh .. but . no no no yeh




A thickening in the air; a sense of coming thunder ..


Like Rome in the year Five hundred and four
When the crashing Huns were at the door
And the buzzards circling o'er the moor
And the banshee wailed in shadow-shriek of Fall -



And all the world is waiting.


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