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AH. My wounds from the Devival have, mostly, healed up, and on retrospect I think we showed this town the best goddamn time they will ever know while praising "Bob".

Now it's time to prepare our goodbyes as The End of the World, July 5, draws near. And for many of us, our goodbyes will take the form of THE MOST CRAZED PARTYING WE HAVE EVER DONE.

To wit, there is a gathering of faithful SubGeniuses in rural New York--as in "Amish Country"--for X-Day, at the same locations at which we've thrown our X-Day Drills in the past. And for those of you who are cynically sneering at the notion of travelling across the country to hang out with pitiful geeks until Stang admits it's all a joke, WELL. Let me tell you that I travelled to last year's Drill, and experienced three and a half days of pure, rarefied SLACK. There was so much weird SHIT going on, so many weird DRUGS, so much weird MUSIC, so much weird SEX, so much BLASPHEMY, and so much bullshittin' with cool ass folks, that I can hardly imagine how it can be TOPPED. Those of you who thought the devival was wild DO NOT KNOW WILD YET, in comparison to... a DRILL. A TRIAL RUN. A *PRACTICE*!!!


I consider the X-Day celebration to be *almost* as important as X-Day itself, and EVEN IF, dare I say it, the Xists *didn't* show up, why, most of us would still remember this gathering as one of the best times of our lives. And yet it's only an *appetiser* compared to what awaits us in the Pleasure Saucers!

So, why should we go? BECAUSE, DAMN IT ALL, JUST FUCKING BECAUSE. Visit SubSite if you want to see pictures, mere 2-D representations of the Drill, and ask yourself: If the pictures are this INTERESTING and INTICING, and if the Drill will pale in comparision to the X-Day Celebration Itself, CAN MY EYESTALKS STAND IT?

Then shout YES THEY CAN! And start planning TODAY.

Now, that's the end of the rant. It's time to be a bit more serious. For I have bared my tender rump on the line to CO-ORDINATE A MASS EXODUS OF SUBGENII FROM THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST TO X-DAY.

The task is to figure out HOW. Specifically, how to get the maximum number of SubGenii to the X-Day celebration with the least expense and headaches. A daunting task? Yes, but in comparison to the devival I figure this should go a bit more smoothly. For I will only co-ordinate. I will not DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, except the background stuff, UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING AS WELL.

So, the nitty-gritty: I see four main methods of getting there. (If you know of ANY OTHER METHOD let me know.)

Method #1: Form a convoy of cars, trucks, vans, RVs, and pretty damn much any motor vehicle that has a decent chance of making it to Brushwood. Drive east down I-90 until we arrive in rural New York. Praise "Bob".

Method #2: Take a train as close to Brushwood as we possibly can. Rent cars, trucks, vans, etc. Arrive in rural New York. Praise "Bob".

Method #3: Get a bus--most likely PURCHASED--and repeat Method #1 with the necessary changes.

Method #4: Fly as close to Brushwood, etc.

Now, in all honesty I don't expect Method #1 to pan out, BUT YOU NEVER KNOW. (If you want to travel to X-Day, have a car and a driver's licence, and are willing to DO THE JOB, let me know by all means!)

Method #2 has a lot of charms--a train doesn't stop because it's nightfall and doesn't overheat or break down, and is FUN. We'll need people who can rent vehicles to pull this one off. Yes, we will be splitting costs, so don't sweat the money. Dobbs shall provide.

Method #3 is doable, but the mere thought frightens the pee-waddin' out of me. Plus, WHO SHALL "POSSESS" THE BUS?

Method #4 is a last-ditch effort for those of us faithful--and, sad to say, munificent--enough to pull it off. IT CAN BE DONE. I did this last year, and it was worth doing, but SHEEIT, I wouldn't recommend doing it unless we had no other option.

CAN YOU HELP OUT? Of course you can! Get in touch with me by e-mail or phone (206-729-3924) if you're up for the job.


See you at X-Day!


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