New York X-Day Plane Tickets: Round Trip or One-Way?!

From: (Phineas Narco)
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 06:14:48 GMT
Organization: Appropriations Unlimited

This has probably been brought up before but here goes...

I noticed the deal we got with the airlines in the new Stark Fist. I
assume the $400+ price tag is for A ROUND TRIP? What?! What is the
official church position on this? Not to be a dick or anything but
What kind of ticket do YOU have IVAN? Hmmm?

Is it a sign of BAD FAITH to purchase a round trip ticket for this
thing? I mean, I realize that "Bob" has been known to screw things up
and everything every ONCE in awhile, and well, not to be a doubting
Thomas but heh, that is to say, uh, you know, hmmm, maybe IF and I'm
just saying *IF* you know something MIGHT possibly happen and WELL you
know, uh, things uh, kind of well, you know, sort of maybe DON'T
possibly go... the way we plan. I suppose maybe it's okay to NOW, I'm
not saying that WE'RE WRONG or anything, but If something possibly
goes wrong maybe I think I'd be too depressed to go through plane
ticket hassles oh shit... WHAT WOULD "BOB" WANT?!?!

-=-Phineas Narco
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From: (IrRev. Friday Jones)

"Bob" wouldn't even buy a plane ticket - he'd just be wandering around the
airport and get tapped to recieve a free coast-to-coast ride because they
need ballast, or something. Or some stewardess would smuggle him aboard to
service all the ladies.


From: e/ (e/w bear)

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(axel heyst) wrote:

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> e/ (e/w bear) wrote:
> >Elemental my dear Phineas. You sell the return half to a pink, then give
> >the money to Bob. You get a cheaper flight that way, and Bob gets his cut.
> >
> >Dr. Vole
> If you're an idiot.

You're up rather early today aren't you? Or haven't you gone to bed yet?
I've been up all night (a strange one too). What I meant here was that
buying a return ticket and selling the return portion at a discount nets
out to a cheaper fare than a one way ticket. Obviously if you give the
money to Bob that would not be true, except in the sense that it comes back
in some other form, such as a window seat on the Love Saucer. However, you
could still give Bob the difference between the two prices. You'd be no
further ahead, but Bob would be, and at the airline's expense, not your's.

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