New FINAL Devival!

From: "P. O. Box 2321" <>

Can't make it to the X-Day festivities in New York? Then come to the REAL FINAL DEVIVAL in Portland, Oregon!

WHERE: Portland, Oregon, USA (duh), the Dobbsmaxian Onanarium
WHEN: July 5th, 5:00 am - 6:00 am

Yes, for ONE HOUR you can 'rant' with whoever else shows up and pretend like it doesn't matter that you didn't attend the End of the World. The Onanarium won't be locked, just walk right in and have fun. Run up my phone bill, play with the computers and synthesizers, whatever.

What's the deal? See, the DEAL is that SOME of us know which side our bread is buttered on. SOME of us know a good thing when we psee it. And SOME of us WON'T ACCEPT being 'too broke' or 'too busy' or 'too worried about what others will think' to NOT attend X-DAY PROPER.

But _some_ of _you_ think it doesn't really matter that much. For you, we offer the FINAL devival before EARTH IS DESTROYED.

See you never,
Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite - SubGenius since 1982 - Send One Dollar to for Eternal Salvation

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