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Ok everyone - two VERY important messages. If you plan to perform or preach read this.

1) We have the opportunity to get a good sound system. We can afford this system, but I don't think we can afford outside technicians. I know we have experts in this area. I need 2 experienced sound people who are willing to run the sound during X Day. Please understand if you do this you will have to stay behind the board for most of the festival. You will have to stay sober during this time. You will have to put up with bands and preachers. You will responsible to keep everyone but you AWAY from the equipment. You will have to set up, tear down, and move the stuff. You will have to keep a recording of the event at all times. I mostly want someone to whom the above sounds like fun and Slack. It's a rare Sub who finds Slack in this way but I know they exist.

And it's not without reward. You get:
Your registration paid ($25)
Your camping paid ($30)
and more (I'll discuss this privately)

So Email me at jesus@subgenius.com immediately. Please include your name, your experience, what boards (model and type) you have worked with, and your phone number. Make sure your subject reads XDAY SOUND TECH, or I may not see it.


2) We're considering having a "Main Stage" if you have a band or performance that is planning on doing a set please email me

jesus@subgenius.com - Subject XDAY BAND.

This would be a tight set, not your improv stuff. If I don't know who you are you better send in a tape...quick. Even if you're a regular (JHP, KOF, Steve Slack, or a preacher..Legume, Papa Joe, Suzi, etc), and you'd like to do something at the Amphitheater please email me and let me know. Also let me know how long you'd want on and when. (Friday or Saturday between noon-6)

This would be a during the day performance at the Amphitheater. Most of the main ranting will still go on at night on Fri and Sat in the pavilion, so keep that in mind. Also if it rains we'd move to the pavilion anyway.

**This is for the Amphitheater only, it still a free for all in the pavilion. Anyone can play, rant or whatever without telling me, or sending a tape, that hasn't changed. This is just for special performances, so don't get on my case... O.K. - Jesus

Rev. JC "Steve" Bevilacqua
Business Manager/ Sleazy Promoter
SubGenius Foundation Inc.
Send $1 to : PO Box 140306 Dallas, TX 75214 Devival Hotline: (216)556-0338

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