From: NENSLO <n@n.slo>

Subject: Terminology Check Re: ORGANIZE
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 14:00:59 -0800
Organization: V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

Alien Sex Fiend wrote:
> By the's "frop," not "frap."
> Emperor Fred says "frap" a lot...but he's a high Discordian priest and will
> therefore be promptly ignored.

Herein is Wisdom:

"Frappy" is an Affectionate Extended Diminutive of the "frop," which
most properly and formally would be spelled with an apostrophy as: 'frop
- since it is an abbreviation. "Frap," then, is the informal form of
"frappy." "Frap" is more cosmopolitan than "frappy's" lower-class
sensibilities, but both share the benefit of simply being easier to say
than "'frop."

There is no "wrong" way to refer to frappy, SO LONG AS WE NEVER SPEAK

So let it be done.


From: (Michael Townsend)

"Frappy" always makes me think of "Pappy," as if it should be burning in
the corncob pipe of Cappy Dick. "Hey kids, how're THESE for prizes?"


From: "Alien Sex Fiend" <>

Aum Shiva. As on Earth, so shall it not be in Dobbstown. And Cleveland.


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