Subject: the REAL ivan Stang?
From: EA71AE@aol.com
Return-path: <EA71AE@aol.com>
To: Exposebob@aol.com
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998

dear kurt,

i've listened to the "hour of slack" a couple of years back. I thought it was
fairly funny, but it got realy boring after a while + I stopped listening. I
too felt that it would die a quiet death, but apparently the internet has been
it's salvation.

do you have ANY idea what they'll be up to this July? also what is your
opinion regarding "Stang", whatever his real name is? he seems to be a clever
self-promoter + possessed of an inflated ego; but beyond that, my guess is
that he's a rather harmless middle-aged familyman on anti-depressants who gets
off on the sense of power he wields over a lot of dumb kids. and also, his
"SunGenius" doctrines probalbly provide a convenient excuse for him to cheat
like a son-of-a-gun on his wife (God, I feel for her, whoever she is.)

my prediction for July 5, '98? mark it down, "Stang" will schmooz his way off
the hook; he's a cutie.




From: The Great Babayada Mafud <babayada@ix.netcom.com>
To: exposebob@aol.com
Subject: (no subject)


I understand your concern about the propagation of hate, but come on. The church is a joke. Sure, it has some losers with no lives in it who have made the joke their lives (and thus, to them, it isn't such a joke) ... but it isn't, as you say, an organized cult.

Some people are outcasts in society. As outcasts they are maladjusted and focus a great deal of blame and anger about their situation upon others. This is natural, really, albeit pathetic and unforntunate.

I share your concern about some idiots taking the whole "Bob" thing too seriously and becoming violent on X-Day. But, those people are idiots and are dangerous by their nature anyway. It isn't the Church of the Subgenius you should focus your attention on, it's the idiots who take it too seriously.

I doubt Ivan Stang is plotting terrorist events. And, by the way, using "Satanism" in the title of your video is just damn cheesy and stupid. The Church of the Sub-Genius is NOT Satanic. If you want to get serious about people who DO actively promote the enaction of evil for its own sake, turn your attention to some of the REAL Satanic activity going on on the net. Like the O.N.A., for example.

I can see that your heart is in the right place, but I think you misunderstand what cause is creating what effect.


From: "Phillip R. Jaenke" <prj@nls.net>

To: exposebob@aol.com
Subject: listen up

Hey, LUSER*)(@$!

My friend is a member of the Subgenius. I never joined (I don't go for Bob.).

You're nothing more than an ignorant hatemonger, just as bad as the nazis themselves, with their anti-semitism propaganda.

Keep it up, and I'll see to it you lose that precious AOL account of yours.

--Phillip R. Jaenke (prj@nls.net - InterNIC: PRJ5) Head Geek, Linux@Comdex Project - http://comdex.linuxos.org/ TheGuyInCharge(tm), Ketyra Designs, Inc. "For every step I take, I find somebody stepping on my heels."
-- anonymous
"That's IT! I'm gonna slap Dr.Watson with a malpractice suit!!" --Keihra


From: "The Mories" <mories@inxpress.net> To: <exposebob@aol.com>
Subject: Re: Expose BOB
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998

Mr. Kurt Kuerstiner,

Your efforts in this matter are not without merit, and I have been surprisingly reassured of the fact that even an idiot like you can find something to whine up a cause over. Did you ever stop to think that while the SubGeniuses are much like drunk rednecks in that you won't just call the law on them? DId you ever stop to think that the reason you don't is because you only HATE them, they're not actually doing anything WRONG to interfere with YOUR freedom! Where do you get off forming your basis for comparison every other cult that wasn't a media kwanze machine. MOST OF THOSE CULTS DID IT FOR JESUS HIMSELF!!! You can't make some distinction on BOB because of the novelty of BOB being depite Jesus, which you do, so you're just another fucking Christian whining about how we don't live enough of our lives feeling like shit about what we are. THE OTHER ONES WERE ONLY TRYING TO DISTANCE THEMSELVES FROM REALITY BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!

And another thing, WHACKO is a cartoon character, not a fucking religious cult or description thereof. That leaves us with an impression of lackadistic efforts on your behalf, and I admit, it was no surprise to find it there. So tell me something, crusade boy, how much cash you raking in? I'm sure the cry goes off around the world and everybody breathes a sigh of relief. Now, look. I don't give a rat's ass what you have to say, I'm not the boogie man you are expecting to come and try to blow you away. You live your puny, empty life and do so with the humility it earns you. There's no freaks in the night waiting to snatch you away,. you think it's such a vulnerable race. You think there's so many people who cannot fend for themselves that you have to be their voice? You're trying to whip up hysteria by painting ugly pictures and handing out addresses, but you're not letting people get the OBJECTIVE uless they shell out the cash. Why, are you trying to start some kind of organization or something? Are you selling people YOUR version of things for YOUR benefit? Where's your backers? Where's your evidence? Where's anything beyond your unpleasant experiences? Oh, that's right.... twenty bucks.... sorry, man... Well, here's hoping you get rich really soon!

Hugs and kisses,
Rob, "BRAINWORM" Morie

You will find this letter, as well as a link to your page, at an address that I shall provide in the near future. You'll go out a happless victim of your own stupidity and then we'll all have a good laugh. If you wish, you can cash in on a lame capaign against me, too... just tell people to start bashing http://members.tripod.com/brainworm/ and tell 'em GOD sent you, asshole.


From: oderusu@mscomm.com (Rev. John Felix)
Subject: expose bob?

id like to tell you that ive been a church of subgenius member for a few years now. i am 17 years old and KNOW it is a joke. people who actually belive its a cult and who belive "bob" is a real god really have no place with the church. you might not think that mass slaverey and murder is funny, but alot of people do, we dont take things seriously! most of the humor in it is harvested from the human condition, what we belive and dont. you might not belive it, but christianity pretty much goes by the same rules: follow us or serve in total damnation for all eternity. I Personally don't know what's in store for 'x- day'
but if people actually kill themselves, i wont care. people like that are delusional and have somthing mentally wrong with them. im sure the church wouldn't want any affiliation with said people. have you ever been to a devival? (its like a mini convention where people group together and scream about the conspiricy and such) or been on the subenius IRC? (sundays in #subgenius on fefnet) if not, maybe you should stop my and see what exactly is running through their minds. most of it IS vulgar, i'll give you that, but its all in tasteless humor.


From: Stanley deJager <sdejager@bluesky.co.za>
To: exposebob@aol.com
Subject: http://members.aol.com/exposebob/exposebob.html

Yes bob must be exposed for all he is.
I will be linking this to my page.


From: "Marc K. Myers" <mkm@buddhist.com>
To: exposebob@aol.com
Subject: "Bob"

Kurt -

There's no need to expose "Bob". He'll expose himself to the whole world on or before X-Day. He exposed himself to me and it changed my life!

Seriously, though, you've got to see through to the next level. It really _is_ a joke! I've hung with the "inner circle" myself and they delight in putting on anyone who is credulous enough to take this complex farce at all seriously.

I'm looking forward to the alibi that will be "channeled" on July 6 to explain why the saucers never showed up. I'd love to see the post-party hangover of the end-of-the-world party, but my taste for that kind of bacchanalian celebration wore itself out about ten years ago.

So relax. You've been had by a bunch of extremely skilled put-on artists who've been honing their routines for fifteen years.

Marc [05/13/98 11:08:57 PM]
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