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> Shit, looks like they're going to light up X-Day before the CoSG does.
> And they're not lacking in cultish zealot enthusiasm, either.

Looks more like a CON job to me: The old, "What if they go at it?" "Could
it drag China in too?." "What about Iran?" "Some of those former USSR
states are muslim ya know?" "They've also got nukes."

I'd say we're being sold a new alliance between Russia and The "Western
Powers." Solves quite a few problems for us. We can prop up the Russian
economy in the name of global security without dismantling their strategic
forces, a task which taxes us greatly and makes few friends. Gotta offset
those "radicals" too, so we need friends in the Russian army. It also
puts a lid on the smarty pants Chinese who don't have enough throw-weight
to threaten us both at the same time, AND menace India.

Of course I could be wrong.... but who seriously believes the CIA was
"caught napping" on this?



From: monet <>

I would. The CIA has become totally reliant on SatInt instead of ground
intelligence. A modicum of security and they wouldn't have a clue.

Personally, I think that both India and Pakistan have finally
British rule and returned to their 8th Century cultural wog roots. I
that they will target religious shrines first, population centers
and military targets third.

Remember, in that part of the world, religious riots that slaughter
and children are looked at as the national pastime. We are talking
people who worship cows here.


From: Sketchy Albedo <>

Monet, why do you do that with your line wrap?

Change nothing and continue with immaculate consistency


From: monet <>

Total abject indifference to the View feature of Netscape. I don't
care, and neither should you, because the god of line-wrapping is one
of the 220,000,000 (official number)of Hindu dieties that is about to
dissappear in a blinding flash of radiation, much to the improvement
of the world in general and word-processors specifically.

After the bloody 'Indus and the Pakees assert their religious hegemony
on each other's ass, all text documents will henceforth tend to run off of the side of the screen like this...

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