Portugese translation of REVELATION X

Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 17:57:24 -0600
To: Rui Rodrigues

From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <i.stang@subgenius.com>

Jose Luis <nop32181@mail.telepac.pt> is doing a Portugese translation of REVELATION X!

I believe all these come from Dr. Legume's list of SINS... I'll forward this to Dr. Legume for the doctrinal interpretations, but I couldn't resist coming up with my own.

>Sorry to disturb again with some more doubts that make it hard to understand some sentences of Revelation X. If possible E-Mail us any explanation on:

>Bag Ladies -- crazy old women who live on the street, wearing rags, carrying all the worthless junk they own, talking nonsense to themselves

>A-Whackin' -- hitting or beating (Texas dialect)

Ozmolite Fills up to 40% -- Senseless product advertising. Sounds good, means nothing.

>Sniggitry -- treacherous mocking laughter combined with sabotage (invented word -- combines snickering and trickery)

>Cleat Sex -- sex involving shoes which have pointed metal studs on the soles (a la football shoes)

>Necrosplatulation -- the art of dropping dead things from a great height

>Slog Snotching -- fucking a Prairie Squid in a muddy swamp with careful attention to rythm

>Gumby Riding -- riding, like a horse, the animated clay cartoon character, "Gumby"

>Ear Waxing - Picking wax out or... -- polishing the ear with wax bought from a store, much as one would polish a car or a fine hardwood floor.

>Troll - Danish Giant or... -- right

>Batmandering -- committing white collar crime while pretending to be a crime fighter, OR, sex while in a Batman suit

>Plus in SINS there are several mentions to Goat - as the animal... or sensuous man... or both. -- probably means real Goats.

>That's all for the moment but we may have to bother you again soon. Thanks.
>Rev Dkr. Josi Lums RES and Rev. Dkr Rui Rodrigues.

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