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Pastor Craig wrote:
> Okay, I'll admit up front that I do lift weights so perhaps this latest
> hate obsession is nothing more than misplaced envy, but somehow I don't
> think so.
> I don't get cable television. I used to live in Philadelphia from
> 1984-1996 in an area that didn't get wired for cable until 1994.
> I still didn't get it when it was offered.
> Why?
> Because I usully don't watch television. There are only so many hours
> in the day and spending them watching television or playing computer
> games is not productive in my opinion.
> But in my new apartment, I get over the airwaves the Trinity Broadcasting
> Network from Baltimore. Normally this station plays lame ass preachers,
> moronic youth shows, or limp music videos, but every so often I catch
> there my new short duration hate object:
> This show is a videotape of a stage show they put on where a dozen or
> so steroid freaks do lame worked feets of strength, from breaking
> baseball bats, to smashing cinder blocks with their heads to lifting
> heavy objects. Then they preach about Jesus.
> That's right kids! Jesus pumped iron and threw the money changers
> out of the temple just like Bam Bam Bigalow!
> Why can't these losers admit that the reason they turned to Jesus
> (as opposed to using their looks and muscles to woo the shallow
> vapid females who go for that sort of thing) was because they
> had used so many steriods to get their freak show bodies that
> their wee wees fell off.
> And why pick on cider blocks? I would like each and every one of
> the people who are reading this post to do something for me.
> The next time you're at a friend's house playing pool in his
> basement, listing to Einstien's Secret Orchestra on the stereo,
> kicking back liquid slack and pondering why we can't be the
> X-ist ourselves (after all we have the technology), I'd like
> you to think "Gee, the reason there isn't water and mildew all
> over this basement is because of the cider blocks in the foundation!"
> Then think nasty thoughts of people who would beat them up just
> beacuse they can't get erections any more.
> That's who I am currently hating.
> Pastor Craig

Goddamn, Craig. That was pretty fucking funny. It REALLY IS the END
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